Professional Review #1:

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Holly: Hey everybody, it’s Holly from Baby Gizmo and we are at the ABC Expo and I have the coolest product to show you. I have to apologize, I am a little horse. It has been a long few days and so I’ve been talking and so excited about this. I am so excited because this is my people. First of all, look at her sunglasses. Inside, I told you I could find somebody that does this. This is my signature thing.
Leslie: I never take them off.
Holly: Exactly. I never do either. This is Leslie, she is one of the founders of Austlen. This is the Entourage Stroller and it’s hard to get me super excited about a new stroller. I’m super excited about this one. So, this is the Entourage; I’ve brought her in here because I want her to show you all of the different configurations, what it is and it’s coming out in January 2016 & 2017.
Leslie: Early 2016 & 2017.
Holly: Early 2016 & 2017. January, February, it’s around that time. Leslie, you’ve got to show me. You got to show me.
Leslie: All right. Sure, I’m happy to, thank you for giving us the opportunity.
Holly: You sell better than me anyway.
Leslie: This is our product like Holly said, our pro product comes with the front seat, the market tote and the lower storage basket.
Holly: Which is huge.
Leslie: Which is huge.
Holly: Just in this configuration you can fit a lot of stuff in there. Seriously, three big diaper bags back there but wait until we show you what else you can fit.
Leslie: One of the things I have to mention about our market tote, we did so much work on this, is that we’ve made it into a parent console. You can carry your baby bottle, your water bottle, it has a sleeve for your iPad, it’s got a little aerated pocket for pacifiers, then sunglasses, keys, and of course your phone. It’s just kind of everything you need to get out the door and it’s at arms reach. It’s very accessible, you’re not having to lean down to get it; it’s just right here where you need it and it’s very easy to remove.
Holly: So you can take it with you kind of like it’s a diaper bag. So awesome.
Leslie: Yeah, exactly.
Holly: And it expands. Watch how it expands.
Leslie: Let me grab another one that’s near by.
Holly: Grab another one? Okay. It is really, really cool and hangs, like she said, right on … she was talking about the pockets on the front. It’s so, so awesome. See? Do you see these pockets on the front? First of all, I have to say guys, I am in love with this fabric. It is so beautiful. It’s really, really classy. It’s really great to look at.
What else do we got?
Leslie: One of the things- Here, I’ll put this aside for just a second because one of the things that makes our product so successful between all these different configurations is our ability to expand in one second to three different positions. We have the retracted position which you see right here. Which is when it carries the smaller market tote. Like Holly said, our market tote expands to each configuration. Our stroller can easily become a stroller and a half, or then it can become a full double stroller.
Holly: You know what it so funny that you call it a stroller and a half? Everybody would call them sit-n-stands and when I started the website I was like, “I don’t like sit-n-stand. I’m going to call it stroller and a half.” In the book I literally say stroller and a half. Again, it’s the sunglasses we’re right there. Right there.
Leslie: I feel like sisters.
Our market tote expands when it is a stroller and a half, it’s the parent console plus one compartment. When it’s fully expanded it’s all three. Then, of course, it has the largest carrying capacity of any stroller on the market. Our stroller carry’s up to 150 pounds.
Holly: 150 pounds of people.
Leslie: Of kid and cargo. That’s 50 pounds for the child in the front which is rated from birth and it’s 100 pounds of carrying capacity in the back.
Holly: So crazy. There’s a lot of things you can carry there.
Leslie: There’s a lot to carry. This market tote carry’s up to 35 pounds and then the lower basket is 65 pounds.
Holly: 65 pounds in the basket. People don’t put your kid in that basket though. Seriously. There’s too many times I’ve been at the Applebee’s and I see a child in the basket. Don’t do that, but if you have tons of bags. Maybe a cooler.
Leslie: You can put a cooler on there.
Holly: Yes.
Leslie: You could put luggage on there when you’re travelling.
Holly: My puppy could be under there. I got a new puppy this year. We could put the puppy down there. He’s about 50 pounds. There you go.
Leslie: Dog food for the puppy. You can carry a 45 pound bag of dog food. No problem.
Holly: Yes, let’s talk about that. I don’t care where you live, if you go out for the day you could take this to the park, out shopping, grocery shopping. Think of people in New York, grocery shopping. You got everything and you have your kid secured in the seat.
Leslie: Yes.
Holly: Awesome. I love the detail. Look at the details guys. On the handle bar, this is classy, classy, classy. Everywhere you turn. Let’s see some more configurations.
Leslie: All right. Of course the market tote, very easy to take off. Like you said, fill it full of groceries, off, and onto the conveyor belt. You can let them empty it. Fill it back up. Put it back onto your stroller you’re good to go.
Holly: Yes.
Leslie: We also have multi child configurations. This is our jump seat. Our sit+stand comes with the jump seat and the standing platform which is on the stroller.
Holly: This is the stroller and a half configuration.
Leslie: This is the stroller and a half. You can see it goes on really easily so it’s just, you slide it in just like that. Clicks into place and then it deploys with one hand.
Holly: Awesome. You can have your baby up here and you can have a toddler sitting back here and it has a 3-point harness.
Leslie: 3-point harness.
Holly: What if I don’t need- Let’s say the kid jumps up, doesn’t want to ride anymore. Does it flip up out the way?
Leslie: Yes it does. It stows very easily. Just one handed, pull it up out of the way. The standing platform can be used with our without the jump seat. What I love about our standing platform that’s different from the traditional rider board is the rider board is usually much lower to the ground and then they get in the-
Holly: You kick it every time.
Leslie: You’re kicking them. So, instead they’re up here, they hold on right here. You can do it on a smaller configuration when they’re little so they don’t reach as far. As they grow you can expand it. The kids like it better too because they can see. When they’re so low to the ground-
Holly: They’re kind of seeing the top of the canopy.
Leslie: It raises them up so they can look and see what’s going on.
Holly: That’s awesome.
Leslie: It’s also worth mentioning that all of our second seats fold with our product. Our jump seat folds with our product.
Holly: I don’t have to remove it.
Leslie: You don’t have to take it off.
Holly: Now guys we’re turning it into a double stroller. That was a stroller and a half, still two kids but now we’re turning it into a double stroller. We’re calling this a jump seat as well?
Leslie: This is our second seat.
Holly: Second seat.
Leslie: Our second seat has three positions of recline. Recline the child to let him sleep. What I love about this is this really is the ideal configuration for having easy access to your child. It’s really easy for them to get in and out. Your other child being in the front.
Holly: What’s the weight capacity on the second seat?
Leslie: This is 35 pounds and it’s from 6 months to 35 pounds.
Holly: Six months 35 pounds and the front seat is 50 pounds, newborn …
Leslie: 50 pounds from birth. Yes.
Holly: I love the recline on that second seat.
Leslie: What I love about this, I think, is the problem with this kind of configuration typically is that then nobody can sleep.
Holly: Right. Or one get’s to sleep and the other doesn’t.
Leslie: If the child in the back want’s to sleep, it’s no problem. Just put your stroller in half configuration, your child can sleep. Both children get tired, just expand it one more time and you get an absolute full recline on that second seat.
Holly: Do you guys see that? Your newborn can go there. What is so versatile about it is that she is literally pushing the stroller apart when she needs to but when you don’t you can push it back together.
Leslie: You can push it back together.
Holly: It can be a shorter stroller. You’re not stuck the long stroller when you don’t need the long stroller. Two sleeping babies, that is huge guys and just little features, because this is what I do. Things like peek-a-boo windows. No Velcro. Again, classy all the way. You got magnetic closures up here. I love the full reclines. Everything about the handles is awesome. We have two kids and I can still get to that basket.
Leslie: You can still get to it, yes. It’s no problem.
Holly: It’s awesome.
Leslie: One of the other things that we did to approach the new growth products sometimes that can make it very cumbersome to steer.
Holly: Yes.
Leslie: Our engineers are brilliant in their thoughtfulness about that so we added some really nice luxury features to our wheels.
Holly: Okay, yes. Let’s talk about the wheels.
Leslie: Our front wheels we actually have ball bearings in the swivels themselves and then we have ball bearings in the wheels. What that means is that it glides incredibly easy. There’s ball bearings, two sets, dual ball bearing configuration on the front wheels and ball bearings on the rear wheels.
Holly: What are the wheels?
Leslie: They are never-flat foam.
Holly: Never-flat foam. The front wheels are swivel wheels but lock straight.
Leslie: Yes. You can lock them if you want or they can swivel in any direction. They also have suspension. We have suspension in our front swivels. We also have a dual spring suspension in our rear. So what I like about this kind of suspension is that it dampens the ride, when you’re strolling around town but then, of course we have a lot of cargo capacity that we carry, and so we put a lot on there that will bottom out a single spring, so we added another spring there that can then handle the really heavy loads but it still dampens the ride when you’re going on uneven services. Just trying to maneuver your way around.
Holly: Yes, okay, very quick. This can come out and go in the washing machine?
Leslie: Yes.
Holly: You don’t know what’s going to happen with that diaper. So I can take this out when I’m on the go, wrap it up and put it away and wash that.
Leslie: Our seat fabric is also washable as well. You can take the entire seat off and wash it.
Holly: See, again they’re thinking of everything. Now, let’s see, there’s mudguards on those wheels as well.
There’s so many- there’s so much to talk about with this. You just folded it out-of-the-way.
Leslie: Yes so you can stow it so you can just get it out-of-the-way when you don’t need it, it’s fine. Then I’ll walk you through the fold. The fold we tried to make very intuitive, so it’s just two levers here release the front locks on the front seat which come down and then two levers here release the rear locks. It locks instantly when folded. You don’t have to do anything additional. This can be used so you can actually pull it behind you. Then you can see the smart factor, which I think is so nice, is that no matter where you fold it whether it’s with the jump seat or the second seat or by itself, it keeps the same configuration. So it’s nice small compact fold and it doesn’t change.
Holly: I am shocked by the fold. I’m not going to lie. First of all she kept the second seat attached. You don’t have to find somewhere to put that. When I first saw this before I saw it folded I kind of thought, “Oh, gosh. It’s going to have a huge-“, and I’m going to be like, step number 37, step number 38. That was really, really easy. Everything was so compact and everything was still on it. It was like a magician with the fold, I love it. What do you have here? More stuff guys.
Leslie: This is our cargo bag. This would be in actually two different stages but this is in it’s largest capacity. We’ve heard from parents in New York, they say they can carry their laundry.
Holly: Oh my gosh, you’re right. Here’s the thing with me. I can put my kid up here and my older kids have a lot of sports. The football helmets, the football pads …
Leslie: Oh my gosh, yes.
Holly: Everything can go in here.
Leslie: Yes.
Holly: My husband could go in here. If he were under 150 pounds. Oh my God, but look at that guys. That is a lot of space.
Leslie: It’s great for pool stuff. You can have your noodles, your inflatables, the big beach balls, everything can go in here.
Holly: I can just imagine you walking by on the beach with your cooler and your noodles…
Leslie: Everything.
Holly: I’m going to be like this … Like one of those show stopping strollers. Let’s talk about what it comes with. Let’s talk about retail price too.
Leslie: Retail price on this is $849.99.
Holly: $849.99. Beginning of 2016 & 2017 it’s coming out. First couple months
Leslie: Yep.
Holly: For $849, what am I getting?
Leslie: What do you get? It comes with the front seat, the lower storage basket and the market tote.
Holly: And the frame.
Leslie: And the frame. Yes.
Holly: If I wanted to turn it into a double I could get the second seat as an accessory. I could get that big bag …
Leslie: The sit+stand.
Holly: Yes, the sit+stand.
Leslie: You can get the cargo bag.
Holly: Yes the cargo bag. So there are extra accessories. I was going to ask about a cup holder but I don’t think I would need one because it’s right here.
Leslie: We also make another one, just in case.
Holly: Okay, just for those people that need to have it.
Leslie: It just clicks right on.
Holly: If you don’t want to put your coffee mug or something in here, You can buy a cup holder on the side.
Leslie: You can buy an additional one but it comes with two standard.
Holly: Oh it comes with a cup holder.
Leslie: In the market tote.
Holly: Exactly, so I can put my drinks here. My Starbucks.
Leslie: Yes.
Holly: That kind of stuff. We’ve gone through so much with this.
Leslie: Car seat adapters?
Holly: Oh, car seat adapters. This is a forward facing seat all the time?
Leslie: Yes. It’s forward facing all the time.
Holly: I know that’s a good question. This is the seat that stays put. I’m not removing this ever.
Leslie: No. It’s part of the frame and we did that really so that it doesn’t interfere with the cargo. It protects baby and then your cargo is just [inaudible 00:12:57] Holly: If you have a child that needs to look at you, you put them in the second seat.
Leslie: Yes.
Holly: You put, maybe the older one in the front.
Leslie: When the car seat is on your front seat, when they’re really little, it’s rear facing. The car seat itself …
Holly: Okay, let’s talk about the car seat. There’s car seat adapters for one car seat.
Leslie: Yes. The single car seat and it’s a dual car seat configuration so it can accommodate twins.
Holly: It can accommodate two car seats then. I can put two on at the same time. See? With that expandable frame, that’s what’s awesome.
Leslie: This is our car seat for the front seat.
Holly: Which car seats?
Leslie: This is Maxi-Cosi [inaudible 00:13:33] and we’re working with [inaudible 00:13:35] right now.
Holly: I can put an infant car seat right here on the front. If I have a car seat in the front I can still put the second seat in the back and still have the jump seat back there or somebody could still stand?
Leslie: You bet. This is how the car seat fits, right here. Line it up properly, here we go. This is what I like. This is …
Holly: It’s the paparazzi shield.
Leslie: Yes, it is.
Holly: When my important baby doesn’t want to be photographed.
Leslie: Yes. This is the please don’t touch my baby. It’s flu season.
Holly: Yet I can still open the connecting …
Leslie: Yeah, you can expand the market tote with it.
Holly: Still have the other kid back here if I want. When I have twins, because that’s when you would use two infant car seats.
Leslie: This is our second car seat adapter. It actually connects where typically the market tote would be. It click in right there and here and here.
Holly: And it set’s up here.
Leslie: It set’s up here. I can this one off so you can see.
Holly: This is your favorite child and the other one’s over there.
Leslie: Just your younger child.
Holly: The one that was born first or second.
Leslie: If it’s twins then, yeah, maybe just rotate them. I’m a mom of twins so I totally …
Holly: How awesome.
Leslie: I get it. I could not leave out my people.
Holly: That makes sense. I love that. If I just have one baby though, I put my toddler up there and the baby is here where literally I could just pet … Awesome, absolutely awesome.
I don’t think there’s anything else to say. We’ve gone through everything and it could have it’s own show on ABC, it’s crazy. $849 coming out the beginning of 2016 & 2017. It’s called the Auslan Entourage. Guys, I got to hear your comments on this. Leave your comment underneath the video. Let me know what your favorite part is or let me know what your five favorite parts because I know it’s hard to limit it down. That’s it. Thank you Leslie. As you can see, Leslie is my people. I know you guys always comment about these and see, it’s not just me. It’s not just me. It’s just makes us fabulous. That’s it. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and I will talk to you later. Bye.

Professional Review #2:

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Speaker 1: This is the Entourage by Austlen Baby Co. This is a new product that is showcasing for the very first time at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas. We’re going to show you a little bit about how it works.
The very core product is our front seat, our market tote, and our large storage basket. The market tote does come with product, and has a fair console feature. What you’ll see is when it’s in its most smallest state it has the market tote that has a place for a baby bottle, a place for also a water bottles an aerated pocket to also carry your pacifiers, also cell phone case, a place for your sunglasses, even an iPod holder. We worked very hard to make the market tote really the go to place for parents when they need something and have easy arm’s reach access.
One of the things that makes our product truly unique is it’s expand-ability. Our product has three different stages; a fully retracted state which carries the parent console market tote, an intermediate stage and a fully expanded stage. The great thing about is that first of all you can expand it in just a second. You can change it dynamically throughout your day based on what you need. It also makes way for a lot of different accessories.
For example, our market tote itself expands to three different stages based on what you need and stays taut and well configured in any one of those. Now you have a way for all of your groceries, if you’re going out for a run to the market, you can take it like we’ve shown in many different configurations out to the park. When you’re traveling it’s very easy to use.
I also have a jump seat. This is a sit and stand configuration so out sit plus stand comes with the jump seat and also what you see here which is the standing platform for the second child. It’s very easy to put on. You just slide it into these little adapters right here and there it goes. What’s great about it is that when your child is walking around, it’s fine. They can walk with you, your smaller child can be in the front seat and then when they need it and want to use it you can easily expand the product and deploy the second seat.
It works in two configurations. This is the longest configuration, it also works in the intermediate configuration as well. You can choose, based on the size of your child, which one will fit best. The great thing about this jump seat also, because you have this expandable frame is that when you have the second child here, this child can still recline and take a nap.
This is what’s the more traditional second seat that most people are used to seeing. This one is the same kind of configuration so it easily seats in the exact same adapters that come standard with the product. You don’t have to install them, they come with the product when you get it. If you want to add seats you can, usually later. This seat also has the ability to have multiple recline positions. You can have it in a fully reclined, an intermediate state and fully upright. It’s got a really nice generous canopy for the second child. Again, in this configuration with the child semi reclined, you can have it in the intermediate stage. Then if you want to have your child fully upright, both kids are awake and doing well, then you can fully retract and use it in its smallest configuration.
The great thing about this as well is it also can be kept out of the way. If you want to stow it there’s a little safety strap on the bottom of this front seat. You pull this and this and then the seat can be stowed and the product fully retracted.
Speaker 2: What’s the weight restriction for each seat?
Speaker 1: The front seat is 50 lbs and it is rated from birth. It has an occupant retention system underneath the cap support. You can pull out and use it just like a bassinet. It attaches right there and right there. Then baby can be completely reclined.
Speaker 2: That’s amazing.
Speaker 1: It’s like a flat position.
We also have a movable arm bar so it’s really easy to get your child in and out of the front seat. Then, we’re also selling as an accessory, the snack tray. It snaps in of course the same way the arm rest does.
The other thing that I want to mention is that the standing platform can also be used on its own. If you have a child that just wants to stand, they can actually stand in an intermediate stage like this and then they just hold on right here. I love this because it’s really nice. The great thing about our standing platform is that, unlike traditional rider boards, this does not get in the way of a parent’s kick space at all. You’re not having to walk behind your child, trying to keep them contained in this area. They just stand right here and hold on right here, it’s very secure.
The Entourage has car seat adapters for both the front and rear frame. On our front seat they snap in right where the arm bar would normally attach. You just slightly recline the seat. They click in right there. Then it’s a typical, easy to remove. Just push these front buttons.
The Entourage also has a rear frame car seat adapter. To put that on you simple expand the frame to the full expansion configuration and then it comes right here and snaps in right where your market tote would normally be. There we go.
Speaker 2: Theoretically you could use it for twins?
Speaker 1: Yes, you can totally use it for twins.
Speaker 2: Because you’re a twin.
Speaker 1: Can’t leave out my people.
Speaker 2: That’s funny.
Speaker 1: We’ve actually worked very hard to make this fold very intuitive. It’s a two step process really. These activators right here are the first thing that releases the front block and then the second set of activators falls in the exact same step. Like this. The parent can actually carry it around, you know, wheel it behind them or have it in its most compact state.
The other great feature about our product is that it does stand when folded. You can easily just tip it up on its side. Easy as pie.



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