Auris Musical Instruments & Toys

In 1978, a carpenter and musician named Kjell Andersson began working on a few difficult instruments for a musical therapist, Hans G. Klose. The result was so positive that it led to the production of more instruments. Together the two spent time studying their understanding of acoustics and strengthened their assembly expertise. This led to their instruments becoming popular among teachers and musicians which increased their volume. Auris is based out of Sweden. All the instruments the company produces are designed by Andersson, who since 1988 has had the mission to hire and work alongside workers with learning disabilities with the help of modified machines. Auris’ main goal is to encourage the desire to create music. They also want to make instruments that stimulate the whole body, from what the ears hear, the eyes see, and the hands feel. This concept is really important for growing children. Studies have shown that it expands creativity, intelligence, and learning.

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