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Melissa & Doug is a family business that started in a garage. Doug first asked Melissa to go on this adventure just at the age of 24, they decided to put their life savings together and began working day and night to create their first product, that Doug would then hand deliver up and down the east coast. They really care about customer input and proudly stamped their phone number on the back of each toy they made, and they personally took those calls to answer any and all questions. After spending nearly a decade making puzzles, Melissa & Doug sat out to revamp wooden toys, which then lead to a line of pretend food, baby toys, coloring books with stickers, and a role play clothing line. As the company grew so did Melissa & Doug’s family, they have six children that proudly product test each toy before it goes into production. Their mission is to bring imagination back to play, they create toys that have countless possibilities and create simple toys that give the children the chance to use their imagination to make them whatever they choose.

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