Hi. I’m Mike at Magic Beans. And today, we’re gonna be talking about the Babyzen YoYo Plus versus the Baby Jogger City Tour. And our mission at Magic Beans is to make parents lives easier by helping you find the products you need for your baby and kids. So, feel free to email us at questionsatmbeans.com if anything comes up during this video. Enjoy the video.
So, today I’m gonna be talking about the Baby Jogger City Tour. Start with it in its most impressive state, very very small. This is actually an airplane certified fold for the first time for Baby Jogger. And it is an incredibly intuitive, super easy stroller to open up. It’s super lightweight, weighing only 14 pounds, got pretty good canopy, beautiful window, and front wheel suspension, which actually gives us a really nice boost over the competition for very small strollers. It’s six plus, in terms of newborn capability, it’s six months plus and has a super intuitive fold. It was surprising for us. You basically hit this little button on the handlebar, there’s a gray button right here. Throw handle bar forward. Grab the pull fold, very similar to their Baby Jogger City Mini, and very simple.
So, it’s super super simple. It comes with a carry case, and has one of the nicest storage baskets for anything that I’ve seen in terms of newborn … oh sorry, in terms of umbrella strollers. It’s a double padded basket with a zipper pocket, giving it some of the most intuitive and useful storage for our parents on the go. And considering the fact that you don’t have to worry about this guys getting damaged on a plane flight because you can actually bring it with you on the plane, store in the overhead compartment, makes it one of the best bets for traveling. And Baby Jogger’s come with a one year warranty, so you’re always certified in that respect. And it’s super impressive for a new stroller from Baby Jogger.
This is the Baby Jogger Tour and it’s travel bag was included. And it is luckily one of the best better models you can actually just throw this guy on your back like a traditional backpack. And considering it’s only 14 pounds, it’s super easy, no harsh weights on my back and I can just walk around the airport or anything with this guy. You can take a look, pretty compact. And that’s the Baby Jogger City Tour.
This is the Babyzen YoYo Plus. Today I’m gonna be talking about it as a comparison to the Baby Jogger City Tour, which is a super great stroller as well. I mean, realistically though, the Babyzen Yoyo is definitely more of an everyday stroller compared to the Baby Jogger City Tour. I got full suspension, much more dense rubber wheels so it’s something that can actually handle rougher terrains. It’s capable of doing a zero plus as well, so you get a small bassinet option for the stroller. And this is the six plus version though to keep it as comparable as possible. Canopies are super similar, but it’s got the little zipper pocket on the back, so you have some extra storage options.
Keep the window always open, so you don’t have to worry about unzipping, or unvelcroing the flap. It’s super padded seat similar to the Baby Jogger City Tour. And the basket is super padded as well. They made it user permanent with the 2016 models, so it’s much wider and can hold pretty much anything you want to hold while your shopping and wherever you’re traveling to. It is also FAA certified so you can put it in your overhead compartment. It’s one of those strollers that folds super small, and super intuitively. So, you drop the handle bar. Grab a little red clip that’s right down here. And then, push to fold.
It’s got a padded little shoulder strap this year, so it makes it a little easier to carry, especially for longer distances if you’re gonna be walking with it. And it’s super intuitive to open as well. This phenomenal stroller is one of the most versatile and relished strollers you’re gonna find, especially because they really wanted to make this stroller something you can use all the time, and not just when you’re flying or traveling. So, they’ve also included, or have the option of, car seat adapters for two car seats on the market, two very popular car seats that we sell. The Nuna Pipa and the Cybex Aton Q. So, you just pop these guys on the side. And without the fabric set on, or especially with the newborn fabric set, you can pop a car seat right on top of it. So, especially when you’re traveling with newborns, makes it a little bit easier.
So, this is the BabyZen YoYo Plus in its travel bag, which it also comes with. A little simpler, but it’s got the shoulder strap to make it a little more comfortable for ya. And keep it all contained, make it entirely clean when … pristine when it comes out of here clean. It’s super safe as it goes in your overhead compartment. So, I’ve been Mike at Magic Beans. And you guys just looked at the Baby Jogger City Tour and the Babyzen YoYo Plus. If you guys have got any questions about this, feel free to email questions@mbeans.com. Check out our buying guides. We give you great resources for checking out what kind of stroller options and car seat options you have. Come into the store for a free consultation. You can book a consultation on our website or check out mbeans.com. Anything over $75 is free shipping. And visit our six stores. We’ve got five in Boston area, as well as one in Fairfield Connecticut. And this has been Magic Beans.

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