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Full Review Transcript:

Hey guys, it’s Rob from, and this is just a quick video to show you why the Zoe XL2 is the best lightweight double stroller of 2019.

… the new 2019 version we have here, you can call it the V3, but it’s just the 2019 version. It has a bunch of different improvements in it and we know we’ll get a bunch of questions on this, so you can buy this version if you click the link in the comments below. We’ll also put it in the description, and once you click that link it’ll take you right to where you can buy this newest updated version, which has all of these improvements we’re going to show you right now.

Just going kind of top to bottom on the stroller, just like last year and the year before, the ZOE XL2, the 2019 version, has the four panel canopy here. You have zippers on this panel here, so you can zip those closed if you’d like, and you can also tuck away this pop out visor panel at the end there. But this is pretty much the largest double stroller canopy out there, and when you consider the price of the XL2, it’s by far the best canopy on a double stroller in terms of value, bar none.

One of the great improvements that ZOE has made in 2019, is that there is now UPF 50 sun protection under the canopy, and that’s under each of the canopies. They are individual canopies, that’s a common question. Do they fold as one, or are they individual? They are individual. Not only does the sun protection go under the canopy, the full under canopy, but it also goes behind the head rest there.

If your child is laid back and reclined in the stroller, and let’s say the sun is coming in from this way here, this right here, this part, I haven’t seen this in any other strollers. Maybe it’s on like the most expensive $1,000 dollars strollers, but on all the strollers I’ve seen, if it even covers the whole under canopy, it stops right about there and does not go all the way down. That’s a huge selling point, and just a great feature to have for full sun protection.

The reclines on the ZOE XL2 our independent reclines, very easy to use. You can just use one hand and press this little button here and recline all the way down. This Velcros to the back there and stays in place, and they do recline independently, the seats.

One other cool feature on the back here is that the back of the canopy actually comes off, you can roll it this way, or you can roll it inside, and rolls up and then it clips right here into place and allows for lots of air ventilation. Let’s say you have the canopy down in the front and you’re blocking the sun and you still want air to get through on some of those hot summer days, you have lots of air ventilation back here if you roll that up and clip it into place.

Also, on the back of the canopy, on the back of the seat here, you have a storage pocket on each canopy, which I have the iPhone XS Plus, so like the largest newest iPhone. It fits in here no problem, along with my keys, a couple pacifiers. So plenty of room in these pockets here, and you get two of them on the ZOE XL2.

Many strollers have the axle and the handle lined up here, and that’s because the handle goes higher to accommodate taller people. But what that does is it makes it very uncomfortable for somewhat shorter people, and then it actually doesn’t reduce the ability to kick the axle, which most people are worried about the handlebar height because they don’t want to kick the axle. By combining the right angle here and a recessed axle, you get lots of extra kicks space. Whether you’re tall, short, it’s going to be comfortable and you’re not going to be kicking the rear axle as much as you would with strollers with the normal design here.

One of the biggest improvements on the newest ZOE version of the XL2 here is the adjustable footrest. Now on the XL2, this wasn’t available in past models, you have individual leg rests, not foot rests, leg rests, that pop up and click into place individually. So if one kid wants to kick their legs up, their feet up, they can do that. If the other one doesn’t, it’s okay. It also goes down with two buttons on the back. That’s a huge improvement and an awesome feature to add.

The newest version of the XL2 also reclines deep enough and has the safety features built in to accommodate infants now, so that’s a huge bonus. I think it was three months before, but now they say accommodates infants and that is a huge improvement from last year.

If I had to tell you about just one feature about the ZOE XL2, it would be the weight. For a double stroller, this only weighs around 17 pounds. That’s unheard of. That’s actually lighter than most lightweight strollers. Go online, go on Amazon, anywhere, and research single lightweight strollers and most of them will be around 15 to 20 pounds. This double stroller is actually lighter than most of those, which is unheard of.

It’s one of the only double strollers that can be wheeled and checked at the gate when you’re traveling by airplane. There’s actually a weight restriction, usually about 20 pounds with most airlines nowadays, so most double strollers cannot actually be taken to the gate and checked plane side. So think about that convenience, being able to wheel through the airport with this, with your kids in the stroller until you get to the gate. That’s a huge bonus. Trust me, I have four kids and I’ve done that many times and it helps a lot.

Also, you can attach a carry strap to the XL2, so one clip here and then there’s one clip down here under the seat. For most double strollers, it’s like a contradiction because the stroller is so heavy you would never want to carry it over your shoulder, but with the XL2 it actually makes a lot of sense.

Not only can you attach a strap to the side of it to carry it just like you would a single stroller, but it also has an optional backpack that you put the double stroller into, you put it on your back just like a backpack, because it’s only 17 pounds and it’s super lightweight and easy to carry.

In the bottom of the seat here, you’re going to see these lock icons here, unlock and lock. You just basically reach right under those, let me get these harnesses out of the way here, and you’ll see two handles and you just pull up on that and it folds and locks into place. So right here is the release on the side, and all you have to do is just pull that aside and grab the handle and it opens up. You don’t have to do the crazy spin move I just did, you could just fold up, locks into place, and then here you can just cast it off like that, if you’d like.

The harness on the ZOE XL2 is super easy to use. Clearly, it just clips right in. It’s got a one button release here for the buckle, and then you have individual tongue buckles on every single one of the harness connections. If you pull, it tightens, if you touch the tongue buckle there, and loosen it. It’s super duper easy. Here there’s little buttons, so loosen and tighten.

Then also on the seat itself, you have three height adjustments. You can reroute the harness, it’s super quick and easy and fast, and you just come up here, you have one, two, or the third option here, which is where it’s currently set, depending on your child’s height and where their shoulders meet the harness.

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I was going to show you right here that the XL2 comes with two child cup holders, here, and then one child snack cup, and also a double belly bar which can be attached right in front here, in place of these. These are all interchangeable and really easy. As you saw a second ago, they’re easy to attach. They’re easy to detach, but just difficult enough to where your kid won’t be … So you got to make them a little bit tough, right? You can kind of switch those around depending on which kid you have where, and whether they want snacks, drinks, which one they prefer and all that.

It’s kind of the exact same thing with the adult cup holder here. It just pops right off and you can attach one of these onto the stroller frame or take it off. It holds most little Yeti water cups, coffee, all that kind of stuff. Obviously, be careful with the coffee.

Then you can also buy a parent console, which has more cup holders and storage pockets in it. You can actually attach two of those to the XL2, so you can have a total of five parent cup holders and all kinds of storage, especially when you combine it with the storage pockets back here. So that’s a great accessory that I highly recommend getting as well.

Just working our way all the way to the bottom of the stroller now, you see the newest improved wheels by ZOE. These are plenty big enough, especially when it comes to lightweight double strollers. You’re not really going to find much better of a wheel here.

You have the one touch brake, so the bar’s in the middle there. As you can see, I have flip flops on, it does not hurt my toes to do this. I can do it right with my toes, and it’s perfectly comfortable. I know a lot of moms and stuff, and dad’s, wear open toe shoes like flip flops and other things, so that’s kind of an important feature.

Then probably one of my favorite features as well is this huge storage basket, that not only is huge but it’s very accessible. You can just use the elastic there in the middle of the two ports if you keep this buttoned there, or you can just pull that off and your basket becomes completely accessible. You can put all kinds of stuff in there. No problem at all with big diaper bags, like the Duo Deluxe, like monster twin diaper bags and all that.

Also, if you really wanted to access the basket, you can always even undo these clips here and then you can literally access it with no problem, the complete entire area in there.

Make sure to ask questions below in the comments, we’re happy to answer them. We can even make videos to kind of show you the answers on the things you’re asking about, if we haven’t in this video. And make sure to tell us what you think about the new features of ZOE XL2.

Also, don’t forget, click the links below. You can register for our newest giveaways, and also you can find this newest version at that link below and get taken right to the page to buy.

SAVE 10% on ZOE! Get Your Coupon Code Below:


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