The Combi Fold N Go double stroller is one of the newest double strollers introduced this year. It’s a great option if you were thinking of buying the baby jogger city mini double or britax b agile twin stroller, but don’t want to spend as much money and don’t quite need all of the extra functionality those strollers offer. We have included a few full video reviews below from reputable reviewers on YouTube in addition to a few real customer reviews!

Professional Review #1:

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Hey, everyone, it’s Holly from Baby Gizmo. Today we’re taking a look at the Combi Fold and Go double stroller. Now, this is side-by-side double stroller that is super light weight, weighing in at just twenty-one pounds, and it’s great for travel because it has a true one-handed fold, so let’s take a look.

Let’s start with the seats. Each seat has a weight capacity of up to fifty pounds. They are twelve inches wide with a seventeen inch seat back, that’s a short seat back, and a measurement from the front of the seat to the top of the canopy of twenty-eight inches, so you’re still going to be able to fit your taller children into the seat because of that measurement up to the canopy.

There is an eight inch leg drop, that is what I call it, and that is where the seat breaks to where they place their feet. They’ve given your children cup holders and a snack holder right in the center. Each child has their own cup holder and then one that is shared right in the middle.

Now, this seat reclines. First, there are five point padded harnesses in the seats, of course. The seat, each one has their own individual recline. It’s done with a strap system. There you go, that is all the way upright. Then, if you push this gray button, wherever you stop is where the seat is going to stop, so it’s one of those infinite reclines and that is all the way reclined, so it’s a deep recline.

Combi does recommend this stroller for six months and up. It does not accept an infant car seat, so that is their recommendation.

Now, back here if you lift this fabric and you roll it up you’ll see that air can circulate right through this seat to keep your baby cool in the summer and there’s a mesh piece here. Now, what this is for is if you have a small baby in the seat and they somehow wiggle their way up the seat, they’re not going to fall out the top because this is going to stop them.

Now, this is where the short seat back is going to come into play with a taller child. If you have a taller toddler who wants to recline and take a nap, just know that they are going to hit this mesh piece. Now, as you can see, it comes out quite a bit, so there just going to have their head against it, but just know that you can’t fold that away, so it’s always going to be there when the seat is reclined. If it is a little bit chilly you just keep this down. There’s two pockets; one on each seat too, for parent essentials. To put the seat back up you just do it like that.

Now, let’s go down to the wheels and the basket. There is a large basket underneath the stroller. You’re going to access it from either side of this bar and you can also access it from the side. First of all, your items, you will get a large diaper bag in here though.

Now, there is a one touch brake right here on the back. You step down to lock the stroller in place and then you lift up to let it go free. The stroller rolls on nine inch wheels on the back and then in the front we have double six and a half inch wheels. Now, these wheels are swivel wheels for good maneuverability and they have the ability to lock straight if you’re going to take it on a little bit of all terrain. The stroller is best on smooth surfaces, but if you’re going to take it on what I call mommy-terrain, which is playground mulch, gravel and grass, you’re going to want to lock these wheels to give it more stability.

Now, here’s one thing with these locks though. They lock, you have to lock them individually, which is too only typical, but instead of the lock being in front, it’s underneath the stroller. I do find it kind of tricky to do it with my foot. I can never get my shoe in there to get it locked and unlocked, so I find myself reaching down and having to do it with my hand, which you’re not going to lock it that often, but I do want to mention that the lock is underneath the stroller on the back side of the wheels.

Let’s talk about the canopies on a fold and go. Now, anytime you’re getting a side-by-side stroller, I always recommend that they have individual canopies because you’re kids are different and one might want it up and one might want it down, so I’m really happy that this one has individual ones. Now, it’s a three panel canopy that is large like that, but it has this huge pop out sun visor for extra protection from the elements and the sun, so it is a full coverage canopy. On the back of each canopy is a large mesh peek-a-boo window with a cover. The cover does not have any Velcro or magnetic closure, but it does seem to stay closed. Now, this large mesh window allows air to circulate through each stroller seat while giving you perfect view of each child. You can see them completely. These are large windows and I love that. They are so large, in fact, that the mesh goes down the side so your child can see out of the canopy as well. These are really, really great. Like I said, they’re individual, which is good for your individual child.

Now, the handle bar, it is not adjustable, but it measures forty inches from the ground to where you place your hands. If you are super duper tall you might want to check it out first just to make sure that you are not too tall for it, but forty inches, that’s pretty standard. On the side here you have a cup holder for the parent or whoever’s pushing the stroller.

let’s show you how easy it is to fold and unfold. Folding the stroller is really easy to do; just fold back the canopies. If you want it to stand on its own when folded you’ll go ahead and lock the stroller into place and lock those front wheels, which I’ve already done. Now, on the side here there is a red button. You’re just going to go ahead and open it up with one hand and it stays open. There’s one strap in one side that says, “Pull to fold.” I’m just going to need one hand to pull it up. It has a standing fold and I did everything with one hand. That’s right. I don’t need two hands for that and that’s pretty unusual for a double stroller.

Now, there is a strap on the other seat and that’s for carrying purposes so I can carry it when I’m traveling. There’s an automatic lock on the side, which I love, to keep it locked into place. Super light weight at twenty-one pounds, so this is, like I said, really, really great for travel. Folding it, you just have to unlock that auto lock, pull up on the handle bar until it locks into place.

The maneuverability on the Fold and Go, it is good. Like I said, it is best for smooth surfaces because it doesn’t have huge wheels, it doesn’t have air filled tires, but that’s what it’s good for. It’s good for traveling and on the go errands and every day use.

That’s it. That’s kind of my look at the Combi Fold and Go double side-by-side stroller. What did you like best about it. Leave me a comment and let me know and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you would like to see more videos from Baby Gizmo. I will talk to you later. I’m Holly from Baby Gizmo. Bye.

Professional Review #2:

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This is the Combi Fold N Go Double Stroller, and these are my pajama pants. I have a Schwinn Turismo Double Stroller jogging stroller for people that just love to walk fast and I have a Contours Options Double Tandem Stroller which I love. I just felt like I still needed something else. I also have a blue wagon that I got at Sam’s Club that I use for travel, and I absolutely love it in airports. I still felt like I needed a lightweight, easy to use stroller that fit in any truck, could fit in the back of my van when the third seat is raised up. I felt like I needed an umbrella stroller, but I didn’t like how small the wheels are on typical umbrella double strollers, and I don’t like that there was 2 handlebars and I had to use 2 hands. I’m a very busy mom. I don’t always have 2 hands. I wanted something I could steer with one hand.

I was looking on Amazon open box warehouse deals, and I found this for $200. I think it’s normally 320 or something like that. For $200, I felt like that was a steal for a side-by-side double stroller that looks good. This thing, it’s sharp. It really is. I have 3 kids. I carry a huge diaper bag. I can’t fit in there, but I’m not trying to say snobby things about the basket. The basket is big. They made it really easy to access. You can take that button down and get into there. You can get in through the side. I don’t have any complaints. I know my diaper bag is unusually large. I’m just going to have to take out what I need from it and put it in these really cool seat-back bags. I forgot what they call them. You can read it on the specs on the Combi website.

What attracted me to this, what was different and unique, was the price for what you get. This is really comparable to a Baby Jogger, but it’s not as heavy to use. Baby Jogger is probably top of the line for a [inaudible 00:02:26] mom. It seems perfectly fine to me. Nothing about it feels cheap to me. The sleekness of it, the look is really appealing, but the wheels, they don’t feel as nice as the Baby Jogger wheels. This is meant for daily errands. This isn’t meant for all terrain. I have a jogging stroller.

I probably won’t push this during in the winter. I love my Contours Options during the winter. I can fit all my coats. My large diaper bag fits in my Contour basket, huge basket, love it. I’ll do a review on the Contours Options another day. I prefer tandems just because I know I’m going to fit through every door I come across. I know I’m going to be able to shop in a mall and go through the racks and fit. In a big crowd, I don’t have to snowplow my way through, but this is pretty narrow. It’s 30 and a half inches I think, but when I measured it, it was plus a half, so it’s almost 31 inches.

This really sticks out and takes up a lot of space. This makes it quite a bit more than 30 and a half inches. This parent cup holder, really easy to remove. I just took it right off. Slide it right back on. One thing you’ve got to think about is if you’re wanting to fit through a standard door, you have your hot coffee here … You probably wouldn’t put your hot coffee here. It’s too close to your baby. If you had a Dr Pepper or something, taking it off and holding it and trying to … It’s doable, not easy. You really probably wouldn’t use this day to day. You would put it in your van and use it when you go to the zoo. Pretty handy.

I have bought a parent console that I take from stroller to stroller and use on a lot of different strollers. It’s really handy. I love it. It’s a skip lock, super easy to use. I would put that right there and that’s what I would use daily. They say try not to put your diaper bag, don’t put things on the handlebar. You don’t want to tip your stroller back. It’s really easy to use. They just really thought of everything. The brake, you don’t have to click over here and then click over here. It’s just a bar that goes across.

One thing I want to point out. You’re not going to be able to put one of those glider boards down there that your 4 year old likes to ride on. The bar covers that area where you could put a glider board. Easy to push. Made me happy. Kept my children shaded. I read another review on this. One mom said that the sun still gets at them. It does. You’re not going to want to walk through the streets of a Chicago winter with your kid in a stroller. It’s not appropriate for that. This is a lightweight, every day, easy peasy umbrella stroller. It’s not a heavy duty big momma. It’s exactly what I wanted. I wanted an easy to use lightweight stroller. I know I keep saying that, but that’s what this is.

I’ll show you how to fold it. I’m really not good at folding it yet. I’ve read a lot of reviews where they talk about how they just couldn’t do it so they sent it back or, “It’s not as easy as they say it is.” With folding any stroller, I find that you have to find a sweet spot. You have to use it a while before you can really do it easily. I’m not a professional stroller folder. A lot of moms don’t like to lay their folded stroller on the ground. They feel like it wears it out, it gets it dirty, it gets it germy, especially on a parking lot where someone threw their Coke or their cigarette butts. You don’t want to lay your baby stroller down in that, but for me typically, when I fold it, I fold it, it goes straight in the van so I don’t need that standing fold. I’m never going to use it.

For moms, that do want it, it is a little bit of extra work and it is a little bit annoying. For a stroller of this price to have that option, it’s worth the pain in the butt. You have to straighten out your front wheels. Have to be straight. You have to squat down. I don’t like to work very hard, probably won’t be using this on a day-to-day basis. Straighten out the wheels. Lock this back one. Make sure your kid is out of the way. I forget this. I forget to undo that. Even though they made it bright red. I’m pretty sure made it bright red for me. They should have just wrote my name on it because I forget to do that every time. This is about as far as you can get one handed. That’s pretty good. Pretty good. I’ve heard it click over there. No, I didn’t hear it click over there. This is a lot harder with just one hand, but I did it.

I can stick it in my van because it’s only 20 some odd pounds. I’m about to drop my baby. It stands up. I will tell you I don’t believe that any double stroller is truly a one handed fold. Is it an easy fold? Yes, you can see it was an easy fold. Have I folded it and unfolded it several times to figure out how to make it an easy fold? Yes. It takes practice. I like it. I love it. I’m not going to lock the front wheels to get it to do this free stand. I’m not going to go through that trouble. I’m out of breath. That was hard work. It’s hard to lift 20 pounds.

Okay. No, you can’t have my glasses. Go in the living room, baby. Go in the living room. To unfold it, I find it really easy. Make sure your kid is not in front of you. You don’t want to knock them out. Go, go, go. Go, go, go. You just need to do that. A little bit of a back breaker. A little bit, but you know what, you’re a mom. Lots of things are back breakers. This is James. He is 1 year old. He’s about 23 pounds. This is how he fits in the seat. When you have 2 babies to buckle in, you want it to be as easy as possible. Out of all my strollers, this is by far the easiest 5-point harness that I have. It’s nice. It’s really nice. It already came looped into the seats and everything so assembly was super easy. I didn’t have to do any of the threading like I did with my Schwinn. Real easy.

You can see how his head is already at the back of the seat. This is not going to give your 4 year old a head rest. It has this mesh that comes up really high and it’s rounded out. Your child can lay their head in that and that might be more comfortable. It certainly would be more cool. You could put a towel back there, whatever you need. It’s perfectly adequate. That’s what I would say. It’s adequate. It’s not wonderful, it’s not bad, it’s adequate.

It’s an umbrella. It is not going to get your child full protection from all of the elements. Much prefer my Contours Options umbrella. It seems to really cocoon the baby. This is not why I bought this stroller. I didn’t buy this for [inaudible 00:10:57] weather. My Contours Options, I’ll take that out if it’s a little rougher, colder. This is going to give them adequate sun protection. I took it out yesterday. My baby’s face was always shaded, but the sun wasn’t really glaring down. Wonderful ventilation. When I saw this on the internet, I didn’t think I would like it. I thought maybe it would be too open air. It didn’t give me enough options to close my baby off it was raining. It gets enough protection. I like it. It gives them a lot of breathing air. Super easy to see your baby. I’ve never seen a peekaboo window easier to see your kid than that. They like to turn around and look out of it too. It’s really nice.

I think I’ve covered everything I want to talk about. I don’t really want to talk about the specs because you can read that on the internet about this and that. It doesn’t have an adjustable handle. I’ve gotten used to that with my Schwinn Turismo Double Jogger. Really like that, but my Contours doesn’t have an adjustable handle and I never felt like I needed on. I’ve 5’5″ and a half. I’m average height. This is how it fits me. Fits me just fine. Love it. One other added bonus is this cup holder is perfect for your mommy to go beverage. You’ve got everything you need now.

Real Customer Reviews from Amazon:

5 out of 5: I researched for a long time until I came upon this stroller. It came out at the perfect time! I’ve had a single Combi umbrella like stroller since 2007 and have loved it! It’s just sooooo light and is so durable. I looked at the city mini, and maybe was prepared to pay big bucks for a double for my 6 month old and 2.5 year old, but, it’s just so heavy! I have a mountain buggy double collecting dust for this very reason. So I got my Combi fold n go double yesterday…

2 out of 5: So I had to change my rating from 5 star to 2 stars… mainly because of the fabric quality.
It was delivered on June 7th and it is now June 19th. We didn’t use it until June 13th..
I have a the fabric in the seat where my daughter (25 lbs) is sitting is already ripping off…

4 out of 5: I have had a lot of strollers and I am picky about them. This is a great side by side, and I compared it to the Baby Jogger City Mini, Bob Double Jogger, Britax B Agile & Baby Trend Navigator). Bought this for my 2-1/2 and 4-1/2 big boys for a trip to Disney World. I had a hard time searching for something that my 4-1/2 year old, 43″ tall son, could fit it without his head cramming into the canopy. This stroller is very similar to the “city mini” in size and shape, but this…


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