Hi, I’m Chelsea from Magic Beans, and I want to talk to you about bouncers. There are two different types of bouncers in the world. There are the overstimulating bouncers, and then there are the natural movement bouncers. We find bouncers to be very essential. We carry the natural moving bouncers.
We have two here to show you. We have the Mamaroo, which you can see is going right now. It’s going in the kangaroo style. Very natural movement for a baby. And then, we have the Nuna Leaf, which is a natural sway. It’s called the Leaf for a reason. It sways naturally, like a leaf sways from the tree.
I’m going to start with the Nuna Leaf. This one, you’re just going to tap gently, and it’s going to sway side to side for about five minutes. As they get older, it becomes a self-soother. As they kick, it will move. This has Okeo-tex certified fabrics. It’s by Nuna, global organic textile. The toy bar is an accessory you can add to it for your baby. It has nice contrast, little sounds, rattles, a little mirror. You can’t go wrong with a mirror. It holds up to 130 pounds, so you are not growing out of this anytime soon. It’s really great if you have multiple children. A bunch of kids can pile into this. It’s a great reading chair. We love this chair.
When I have customers come in and ask about bouncers, they typically ask me a couple questions. One, can it move around easily? Two, does it require batteries? And three, does it make a lot of noise? The Nuna is very easy to move. You do not plug it in, and it requires no batteries. It’s all natural movement or the movement of your child.
Next, I’m going to talk about the Mamaroo. The Mamaroo has five different motions at five different speeds. You can plug in your phone and play music. It plays its own music, as well. It also has an app so you can control the Mamaroo with your phone, so you don’t even have to be within 10 feet of it. It also changes the angle, so you can put a newborn in it, and it goes up to about 30 pounds. So you’ll have a good, solid year with it.
As you can see, it is in the kangaroo motion. It’s a very nice, gentle movement. It can go faster or slower depending on how your baby likes it. Do you have a baby that loves to sleep in the car seat, especially in the car? This actually has the car motion, so you don’t even have to drive around your neighborhood to get your baby to sleep. You just pop them in the Mamaroo.
Be sure to check out our blog about the Nuna Leaf versus the Mamaroo at mbeans.com, and if you have any specific questions, please email me at questions@mbeans.com. I would love to help you.


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