Professional Review #1:

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Speaker 1: Hey. It’s Meg Collins with We’re here at phil&teds/Mountain Buggy to witness the amazing Mountain Buggy Nano. This thing is blowing my mind. I know I’m a little late to the party here. Christine is going to show us some of the key features, and go.
Christine: All right. This is the Mountain Buggy Nano Travel Stroller. This was the 2013 JPMA award winner last year. It’s a super light, compact 13 pounds.
Speaker 1: Thirteen pounds.
Christine: Thirteen pounds. You can take it … Once it’s folded, it will fit in an overhead compartment in an airplane.
Speaker 1: Fits in an overhead compartment.
Christine: Yeah.
Speaker 1: Did you hear that? That’s crazy.
Christine: So I’ll show you how it’s folded really quick. You’re going to take this hood back, push these buttons.
Speaker 1: And down. Look at that.
Christine: Amazing.
Speaker 1: It’s like a little, tiny, miniature suitcase.
Christine: It is.
Speaker 1: And it fits in the overhead compartment, which blows my mind. Oh, my God. Look at that. Loving it. Loving it.
Christine: Then if you look over here, one of the greatest features of the Nano is that it’ll take any infant car seat.
Speaker 1: Any infant car seat.
Christine: Without the purchase of any additional accessories.
Speaker 1: Which is amazing because usually they can cost, like $50 extra, right?
Christine: Yes. And this is only 199.99.
Speaker 1: One ninety-nine.
Christine: Yeah.
Speaker 1: The Mountain Buggy Nano.
Christine: Mountain Buggy Nano [in red 01:27].
Speaker 1: Awesome. Love it. Thank you.
Christine: You’re welcome.

Professional Review #2:

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Hi, guys. I’m Rebecca from Happy Travel with Kids. The last couple of weeks, I’ve been road testing the Mountain Buggy Nano pram, which is a really lightweight travel pram. I’m just going to do a quick little video to show you how the pram unfolds. You’ve just got to do this strap, let that little lever out, and then there you go. We’ve been testing this out for the last couple of weeks, and we found it was really a good little pram. It’s got a lot of features for a travel pram, which is great, and it’s got the adjustable foot rest, which is great. It’s got a nice, big basket underneath, which you can access from the front or the back of the pram, which is handy. It’s got a 5-point harness and shoulder pads. It’s also got a nice big sun visor, which is great.
I’ll quickly show you how the pram folds up. There’s two little buttons that you press in here. Pop that down, and you squeeze the front end here and just flip it over, and then that little lever pops in. Then you’re good to go. This particular pram would be great if you’re going on holidays with a baby. If you’re traveling in the car, it’s also good because it’s such a small little pram. It takes up next to no space in your boot. It would also be great for taking if you’re going on a plane, as well. Yeah, I can highly recommend that Mountain Buggy Nano.

Professional Review #3:

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Hey everyone it’s Holly from Baby Gizmo and today we’re taking a look at the Mountain Buggy Nano. This is a super travel friendly stroller that folds up into a tiny little package but it also has some great big features, so lets take a look.
Let’s start with the seat. This seat has a weight capacity of up to 44 pounds, that’s about a 4 or a 5 year old, it is 13 and a half inches wide with a 18 inch seat back and a measurement from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy of 27 inches. Even though it’s a really compact stroller, the seat is rather large. Now there is an adjustable, padded 5 point harness in this seat and what I love is that Mountain Buggy has these hard to do buckles. Easy for mom but almost impossible for a toddler to do and that’s because it’s a 2 step process. With one hand, you have to push with your thumb those 2 red buttons then squeeze, something that toddlers just can’t master and I love that because it keeps them in the seat.
There is an adjustable calf leg rest here that you can have up when it’s a smaller baby or you squeeze right in front here and it goes down too for the comfort of your child. There’s also a little step right here that you’re child can set their feet. The seat does have a recline which I love to see on travel strollers because kids like to take naps on the go. We have a one handed strap system right here, you’re going to push a little button, pull back, it’s one of those infinite reclines that wherever you stop, that’s where the recline is going to stop and it goes all the way back to there and that is a very deep recline for a travel stroller but it is not flat.
Here’s the thing, if you’re going to put a child right here in the seat, it’s going to be 6 months and up but they included these straps over here to accommodate an infant car seat to turn it into a travel system and it works with most major brands because there’s no clip on adapter, it’s just this strap right here. If you’re going to wrap it around the car seat to keep it into place, you’re going to have your seat reclined and your footrest up. You can use it from birth with an infant car seat which is great.
Now the back of the seat, this is what I really like, is that this is a whole mesh window allowing air to circulate through the seat, keep your child cool and it also lifts up like that, Velcros onto the back so you could stuff it up here if you wanted a lot more air. This piece right here, this fabric is sewn right to the seat so that is not something you’re going to be able to bend over. The reason they do that, it’s a safety measure so the child doesn’t accidentally slide up and out of the seat but that being said I’m glad it has … It’s 19 inch seat back, it’s not too bad so if you have a really tall child their head is just going to come up like this but as you can see it has a lot of give so that’s okay. I just like to mention that though, that this does not come of the way but again it’s a safety measure and this comes down like this. I love this big mesh window. There’s no peekaboo window but this is your peekaboo window so I like that a lot.
Let’s go down to the basket. The basket on the Nano, it’s not ginormous but you know what, I never expect to stuff a huge diaper bag in a travel stroller. It’s a decent size for a travel stroller. I’m going to put that up. I have the travel bag down there, I’m going to show you this in a second because this is awesome. There is the basket. You can access it from the front and you can kind of access it from the back for small items. Like I said, you’re not going to fit a huge diaper bag in there but you are going to get quite a bit of baby essentials so it’s a decent size basket. I’m not hating on it. That is the basket.
Now lets talk about these wheels. The wheels are EVA Tires and they’re 5 inches in front and in back. The front ones are 360 degrees swivel wheels, they have the ability to lock straight, all you have to do is push this grey button down and that is going to lock them straight for a little bit of all-terrain. This is not an all-terrain stroller but if you want to take it on grass, gravel or a playground mulch, you’re going to lock those wheel just to prevent it from getting caught up in every bump. The front wheels do lock. The rear wheels, like I said, are also 5 and a half inches. There is a one step break, all you have to do is step down on the red part to lock it into place and then step on the blue part to let it go free. Really, really good. There’s also rear wheel suspension so you do have a little bit of bump absorption, as I like to call it, in the back.
Let’s talk about this canopy. It is a 2 panel canopy with a pop up sun visor. Now it’s not the biggest canopy on the market but it’s pretty good for a travel stroller. Like I said, no peekaboo window but that’s okay because you got this whole mesh window in the back that allows you to peek in at your child if you need to.
The handle bar is a foam handle bar. It is not adjustable. It is 40 inches from ground to where I place my hands, I am 5’5″ so it is fine with me. Put heels on, it’s still okay for me. It has a runaway strap. I don’t know where you’re going that you need the runaway strap, I guess if you’re in San Francisco and walking you might need it but this is usually reserved for a jogging stroller so when you’re going real fast and it gets away from you. Just know, hey we have the runaway strap on the Nano. So that is that.
I guess it is time to fold it because this is the best part of it. The fact that this stroller is so compact … Oh and it’s so lightweight, it weighs under 13 pounds so super easy to travel with but the compact folded package is so small that you can take it as carry on onto most airplanes. Now I’m saying most because I’m sure there are some out there that aren’t going to let you but it does fit the requirement on most carry ons. What’s so great about that because people are like, what’s the matter, you just have to check it at the gate? The problem is once you leave you’re stroller with the baggage handlers, sure they look nice, they’re probably very nice people, but you don’t know if they’re dropping it, they’re throwing it. I don’t know, I’ve heard stories of strollers getting broken even at gate check and even though they’re handing it to you right as you walk off the plane, you don’t know what happened in between. This is a great option to keep it with you. You just take it on the plane, put it up in the overhead bin and you are good to go. So let’s go ahead and fold it.
To fold the Nano it does require 2 hands but it is easy to do. There are 2 buttons on the inside of the canopy right here, you push them and the handle bar will fold down like that, you squish it in, grab the handle right here and it folds down. There is an automatic lock but sometimes you do have to push it together in order to get it to engage. There is a strap right here, you could fling it right over your shoulder and weighing less than 13 pounds, very, very manageable, very lightweight and look at how cute and small this compact package is. Very, very tiny like that. You could carry it like this as well, kind of like a briefcase I suppose and like I said, there is a travel bag and it has a standing fold too.
Here is your travel bag and the travel bag, what’s great, you just put it over, the wheels actually stick out of the travel bag. Here it is in the travel bag. If you lock those front wheels straight … The wheels do stick out, look at that. Now there is a reason for that. First of all you can carry it just like this, like I said, a briefcase but there’s a strap, you could throw that over your shoulder like that or there’s a third way you can do it. Because the wheels are exposed and they’re locked into place, you could wheel it behind you like luggage if you just didn’t want to walk with it. Really, really great for travel. I love this travel bag. Like I said, so small that it can fit in the overhead bin of an airplane, of most airplanes.
Setting it back up, that’s easy to do. All you have to do is take off the travel bag … Now remember the automatic lock, unlock it, grab the handle, flick it like that, everything locks into place and you are ready to go. Very, very easy.
Now as you can see, the Mountain Buggy Nano is a great travel stroller. Not only do you have a large seat but the comact fold is so small that you can put it in the overhead bin of most airplanes and I love that. The Nano, it retails for $199.00 which isn’t too bad for a great travel stroller that’s really lightweight and can kind of go on the go with you.
So that’s it. What did you like about the Nano? Leave me a comment and let me know and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you’d like to see more videos from Baby Gizmo and I will talk to you later. I’m Holly from Baby Gizmo. Bye.

Professional Review #4:

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Hello. I’m Emily from I want to talk to any other travelling families like us about my Mountain Buggy NaNo Stroller. It’s an excellent, little buggy to take along on your trips because it is so extremely lightweight. It is less than thirteen pounds and it collapses very easily. You just press two buttons and it’s collapsed in seconds. It even has a nice cover over it to make it actually look like a piece of luggage. The last flight that we took, we had a very tight connection and we were able to just carry it on with the shoulder strap, and through the airport restaurant with it. I actually forgot it for a few minutes in security of all places, so I had gotten through security and they had already x-rayed all my things and then I realized, oh my gosh, I left the stroller on the other side. At that moment, I saw it coming through on the belt because somebody had picked it up and put it on the belt for me, and probably thinking it was a piece of luggage.
It passed through in the x-ray machine and fit perfectly and it was fine. We tried to travel with just carry-on sized luggage so that we can skip the whole baggage claim. That’s exactly what we’re able to do on our last flight. We carried the Nano on board with us and put it in the overhead compartment. It fit perfectly and it wasn’t an issue at all. Then, we were able to just get off the plane and exit the building without having to go to baggage claim at all. As far as the tires, they’re not air-filled, which I was concerned about, but they roll over the pass here in Northern Norway just fine. It’s nice to not have to check the tires for air pressure or to refill them which does take you a lot of time and hassle.
There’s just one last thing to worry about with the stroller, is exactly how I think of the stroller. It’s just easy, worry-free, you’re simple and sweet, lightweight stroller to get around while you’re travelling. If you have limited storage space, this isn’t going to take up much room. I think it’s only twenty-two inches wide when collapsed. It’s a great option for any other travelling families like us with young children. I love that the stroller has a leg rest feature, because you can recline a child and you can lift up the leg, rest, so they can sleep very comfortably in it which is wonderful in such a simple lightweight stroller as well. I hope you had a great day and good luck in your upcoming travels.
If there’s other things I like about the Nano would be that it’s simple without a whole lot of gadgets. When it’s set up and then you pull out the sunshade, the sunshade is pulled tight. It’s really sleek and nice, definitely more sturdy than I would say other small four-wheeled strollers. It’s easy to push, when it collapses down, it’s literally like this big, something like that. It’s pretty flat, it only takes a couple of seconds to collapse it and then putting it into the bag, another ten, twenty seconds if you want to fumble with that a little bit. The buggy comes with is nice, it exposes the handle that you can carry on top and keeps the fabric of the stroller in good shape while you’re packing it, stowing it, throwing it into a plane, or into the trunk of a car, and those kinds of things. Yes, very nice.

Professional Review #5:

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Hi, my name is Suzanne Chan and today we are checking out the all new Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller. What I love about this stroller is that it’s compact, lightweight, and it travels so well. One of the standout features about this stroller that I’m first going to start off with is that it actually fits as a carry on piece luggage. This tiny little package, yes, fits in your overhead compartment. I actually put it to the test recently. I was on a Jet Blue flight, brought it straight up to the counter, had them measure it, and they gave me the thumbs up right away. That’s really, really great if you’ve only got to carry this and another piece of luggage. It’s fantastic and makes traveling with young children super easy.
If you do choose to gate check it, what I love is that it includes a cover. This cover is absolutely great because I don’t know how many times I’ve gate checked a stroller and if I didn’t actually cover it it would come back with dirt, some sort of spill on it, even worse broken. That would be really, really heartbreaking especially if you’re traveling alone.
Very easy to unpack. On the back is a little Velcro piece. It’s a very, very generous fitting cover because you don’t have to worry about being a perfect fit. It comes off so easily. I’m just going to set it aside. It comes with a safety strap on the handlebar, which is really really handy, but it also holds the whole thing nice and tight together. You’re going to release the lever on the side and then just pull up on the handlebar to fully release the Mountain Buggy Nano. Now it’s all set up.
As you can see it has a nice generous canopy, a single piece handlebar, which I think is really, really great which really talks about its maneuverability and really makes it super easy to maneuver. It is fixed at 38 1/2 inches tall, which is standard for a compact stroller. What I love about it is that it’s a nice great height, but that it’s a single piece. I’m able to maneuver very, very well through crowds. I was recently at Walt Disney World and it moved like a dream.
This stroller fits from birth with a car seat, or 6 months to the maximum loading capacity of 44 pounds. It has a nice sun canopy, like I mentioned before, a 3 piece harness as well as adjustable to 3 different height levels depending on the height of your child. It has a adjustable leg rest as well as a front accessible basket. The wheels also are fully maneuverable, as well as it can lock into place for more of those rugged terrains. I’m going to press up to release. It has a 2 step brake system, which I really really like. Red to lock into place, or blue to release and you’re on the go.
Taking a closer look at the Mountain Buggy harness, this is a 3 point harness. What I love about this harness is it’s an actual 2 step release. What that means is that if you’ve got an incredibly smart toddler, like I do, who know how to get themselves out of all sorts of car seats and straps, this is really, really great. First thing you need to know is you can press the red button, it’s not opening. Press the side buttons. Not going anywhere. You need to press both the red and the side buttons to release the 3 piece harness.
To adjust the height of the seat straps it’s very very easy. As you can see from behind you can recline the seat very easily by pulling on this tab right here. You can see it’s going to fully recline. To pull the seat up into its upright position, very simple. To adjust the seat straps, as you can see, it’s very very easy. You’re just going to turn this in and push it through on the other side. You’re going to push it right back through to the adjusted seat height that you would like and push it right through. Very very simple. No need to fuss too much with it. There you have it. You’ve adjusted your seat. Taking a closer look at the brake mechanism, you’ve got red for lock and blue for go. As you can see we’ve got a really, really great maneuverability with this stroller. The front wheels actually lock into place for a more rugged terrain by pressing down on these levers. Release for full swivel.
One of my absolute favorite features about this stroller is that it fits an infant car seat without any purchase of an additional adapter. That is huge, and very revolutionary. I’m going to show you how that works. The first thing I’d like to do is to lock the stroller into place, safety first, as well as then reclining the seat into its lowest recline position. To show that you can use any infant car seat I am using the Maxi Cosi Prezi, which is not affiliated with Mountain Buggy. You want to make sure that it’s sitting very flat into the chassis. With most car seats you can attach it to a car with or without a car seat base. If you choose to attach it without a car seat base you’re going to use safety straps, which they have included on the Mountain Buggy Nano.
I’m going to just take the safety straps and attach it to the Maxi Cosi Prezi locking mechanism. You’re going to make sure it snaps in nice and tight. Once it’s nice and tight you are going to use their magical rubber bands. These 2 little rubber bands, which they include, fit in a pocket right underneath the seat, but it actually helps to safely secure the car seat even more. You’re going to take the rubber band and loop it around the handlebars to the notch that’s right under the seat. You do that on both sides. That, along with the safety belt, really helps to safely secure the infant car seat. What I love about this whole system is the fact that it makes travelling very easy and compact. I really like to travel light, and with 3 children, luggage, renting a car, it’s a lot. This really takes a load off of my mind.
Now to break down the Mountain Buggy Nano. It’s very very simple. The first thing you want to do is unlatch the car seat. Then take out these 2 rubber bands on both sides. You’re going to store the safety straps underneath in that little included pouch. It stores very nicely in that little pouch. Then you can lift off the infant car seat and set it aside. From this point on, everything is the same. The first thing you want to do is bring the seat into its full upright position. Then you want to close the canopy. Inside the canopy are 2 buttons. You’re going to press it, then you’re just going to collapse the canopy backwards.
With that you’re going to bring it up to the chassis, and you’re going to hear a little audible click. With that click you’re going to listen for a second click which is locking of the release button. I like to take that little safety strap and attach it to the center chassis. That makes it nice and compact and ready to go. If I want to put back on the cover it’s very very simple. I am going to put the Velcro to the back and just simply pull over the cover. Like I said it’s a very generous fitting cover. You don’t have to worry about it being super perfect, but yet it fits very very nicely. There we go there. There you have it.
This is the Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller. Thank you so much for checking out our video. I hope you’ll continue to subscribe to our channel and check out all the other videos that we have. We’re constantly reviewing strollers and other children’s gear. We hope you enjoy the video.

Professional Review #6:

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Hi it’s Lisa Arneill from “Growing Your Baby” and today I’m excited to show you Mountain Buggy’s new Nano Stroller. As you can see it’s a little different that what we’ve seen from Mountain Buggy in the past. They’re really well known for their robust, all-terrain strollers. This one is a bit of a departure from that but I think you’re going to like it.
Out of the box, this is how the stroller comes. As you can see it comes in its own travel case. I really like this. To get started all you need to do is pull this off … Unlock the frame and open it up.
As you can see, there are no wheels. Just pop those on. There we go. Okay.
From birth this stroller can be used with the infant seat. To install that, extend the footrest and recline the seat. We’re using Graco’s SnugRide 35. Pop this in. The frame comes with two belts … You can feed through the bypass and connect.
To ensure that it’s right in place Mountain Buggy has also included two bungee cords. What you do is connect this around here. Run it through the handle. Okay, we did it. Turn it around. Do the same thing on the other side.
This is to allow the stroller to allow to accommodate most leading car seat brands without having to purchase additional adapters.
As you can see it is in there. Pull the canopy. There’s your travel stroller.
From six months to forty-four pounds this seat can be used up to four years. As you can see it has what we call an infinite recline. Parents can choose which position they want their child to be in by pulling on the belt.
We have a three position five-point harness. To adjust the height you re-thread it. Be done with it in seconds. If you’re switching back and forth between two children it’s quite easy to customize it for each child. The straps are adjustable. There’s a nice padded cushion here to keep your child comfortable.
What I like about this is the two step buckle release. Most times kids know to push this button. In this case you need press this button and this button to release the harness. Most kids can’t maneuver both of those switches so this is really nice for keeping your kids in place.
The footrest is position-able down for older children and up for little ones.
Underneath the stroller we have some pretty good storage. Mountain Buggy says that it will hold up to eleven pounds. You can stuff your groceries in there, sweaters for the day out and still have room for more stuff.
What I like about this basket is that it’s reinforced along the bottom. Even if you do overfill it, it won’t drag along the ground. In the past I’ve had strollers if you overfill the basket the basket will drag and we’ve had to replace them. I like this in a stroller.
Another feature I like is how stable the stroller is. Often when you’re travelling you’ve got a beach bag. You’ve got nowhere to put it. This is where I put mine. As you can see, with no child in the stroller this bag has not made it fall back. I measured this out to be about ten pounds. You’re good to fill up your bag with towels and stuff like that. You don’t have to worry about it flipping backwards when your child jumps out. We’ve all had that happen; it’s kind of annoying.
At the back the stroller has a one release. It is flip-flop friendly. You can do it with bare feet as well. Basically on and off.
At the front the wheels lock straight for bumpy terrain. Unlock them to swivel.
I have to say that even though Mountain Buggy is known for their all-terrain strollers this one is not an all-terrain. I would only recommend it to be used park, mall. Places where sidewalk, concrete, maybe over the grass. We tried it over the sand, it didn’t do that well. I also tried it out in the snow. It did okay but this is not a stroller that I would take out in the middle of winter.
One of the best features of the stroller is its fold. To do that you push the two buttons in on the side here. Push this in, and squish it forward. Fasten the Velcro. If you like it to stand up straight just lock the wheels. There we go.
You’re on a trip or you just want it to be clean when you’re not using it, put this on.
The Nano thirteen pound weight and compact size when folded make it the perfect choice for travelling parents. In fact, it’s small enough to be stored in the overhead compartment on a plane. It can also be easily carried with the handle in the frame or by using the provided shoulder strap.
There you go. This stroller retails for $249.00. It comes in black, ruby, and the color that we tested here, navy. I really like this stroller. I think it’s a great option for parents who are living in urban spaces where they are very low on space. Also, parents who travel a lot and really need a good stroller to get them through the airport, get them through sightseeing but also one that’s not going to take up a lot of space.
Thank you so much. This is my review of the Mountain Buggy Nano.



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