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Hey everyone, it’s Hollie from Baby Gizmo. Now, are you ready? Because today we are doing the battle of travel strollers. Now, I’m not taking these strollers outside and doing all kinds of crazy things with them, but what I am doing, I’m doing a side by side comparison of all of their features. They’ve got different features, different brands. They’re different strollers. I’d like to introduce you to the Mountain Buggy Nano, this is the GB Qbit, and the Babyzen Yoyo 6 plus, that’s for 6 months and up. These are the strollers we’re looking at today. These are 3 of the most compact folded strollers. They all actually fit in the overhead bin of an airplane, most airplanes. I can’t guarantee that something smaller ones won’t have them fit, but they are known to fit in the larger airplanes so you can take it right on board with you. Let’s get started.
Now, let’s start with the seat size. The Nano has the tallest seat bank. From the bank to the seat to the canopy is 27 inches, the Yoyo is 26 inches, and the Qbit is 25 inches. They’re all between 13 and 14 inches wide so they’re all very close in seat size, but here’s the thing, the weight capacities are all over the board. The biggest weight capacity is the Qbit at 50 pounds. You can put a put a 50 pound child in here. Next is the Nano. It has a 44 pound weight capacity. Finally, the Yoyo has a 33 pound weight capacity. This is going to hold the smallest child. Let’s talk about the reclines on the seat. Down here is the GB Qbit recline. That is as far back as it goes so it’s not going to win the recline award. I’m going to go ahead and set this to the side. Now, the Nano and the Yoyo both has strap reclines and they both have a pretty deep recline. There you go and there you go. Both have deep reclines. I’m going to give the recline award to the Nano though, because it’s just a little bit easier of a strap recline to do, but they both do have deep reclines.
Let’s talk about baskets. They basket of the Yoyo is the smallest, so it’s not going to win the basket category. The Nano and the Qbit there [comfortable 00:02:11] baskets. They’re about the same size, they both going to have access from the front and the back. I’m going to give a tie to the basket for the Nano and the Qbit. Now, let’s talk about the adjustable laid rest. The only one that has an adjustable laid rest is the Nano. The Qbit and the Yoyo do not. Now, let’s get to the canopies. I’m keeping these strollers in the same order so you don’t get confused on which is which. We all have decent size canopies on all 3 of these travel strollers. I’m going to give the canopy award though to the Qbit. It has 3 full panels and it’s just a little bit bigger. The other ones have 2 panels and a pop up sun-visor. The Yoyo does come down quite a bit, but if I had to pick one, this would be the best canopy. That being said, it does not have a peek-a-boo window. Not a big deal, because we’re looking at the actual canopy sunshade portion of it. The Yoyo has a peek-a-boo window and the Nano over here has a full mesh window that you can see in from the back.
Handle-wise, the tallest handle of the 3 is the Yoyo at 42 inches. That’s the tallest handle. If you’re really tall, you might want to look at the taller handle. Then, the Qbit is 41 inches from ground to handle. Then finally, the Nano is 40 inches. Now, one more thing I want to tell you is the only one that has a cup holder is the Qbit. That’s right, no cup holder on the Nano and no cup holder on the Yoyo. If you’re travelling with a stroller, you’re going to want it to be easy to push. The Yoyo has the smallest wheels at 5 inches. The other 2 are 5-1/2 inches. That being said though, I’m going to give the maneuverability award to the Yoyo. The wheels just allow you to glide along just a little bit better. Now, they only have great maneuverability, they really do. I can push all of these one handed with no problem. It’s just the Yoyo wheels are just a tad bit bigger. Again, you’re paying for better wheels. It is more than double the price of the other two. Like I said, wheels 5 inches, 5-1/2 inches. The Qbit has the double wheels in the front. These, the Nano and the Qbit also have lockable front wheels, the Yoyo does not.
Let’s talk about which one’s become a travel system. The only ones that accept an infant car seat is the GB Qbit and the Mountain Buggy Nano. The Mountain Buggy Nano accepts a variety of infant car seats. It has straps, they’re built in. You put the straps around the car seat. The Qbit only takes the GB a SONA infant car seat. It does come with the adapters for that, but that’s the only infant car seat that it works with. The Yoyo does not take an infant car seat. It does not become a travel system. I do want to tell you that this is the Yoyo 6 plus, which means it’s the 6 months plus. It is not the 0 plus. The thing is in the US, you can’t find the 0 plus. That means the 0 plus is good from birth on. That has a newborn nest that comes with that one. It’s available in Europe and other places, but not- It doesn’t seem to be available in the US.
This one is the 6 plus, which means it’s good for 6 months and up. Let’s talk about when it’s good for. Yoyo 6 months and up, Qbit and Nano is good from newborn up because they accept infant car seat. If you where to put a child right in the seat, all of them are 6 months and up. Now, one of the most important things about the travel strollers, how easy it is to fold. I’m giving the fold award to the Qbit. It’s just a little bit easier to fold. All of them are easy, but I have to pick one. That’s the point of the comparison video. It is one handed. It does happens on the handle right here. You push with your thumb, you squeeze, and it folds down like that. It also has a manual lock. I’m not going to give it the award for the lock, because I wish it was automatic, but it is the easiest to fold and it has a standing fold like that.
Now, the second place for the fold, I would give it to the Mountain Buggy Nano. It is a 2-handed fold, that’s why it became second place. There are 2 buttons inside, you push those, it folds down like that. This one does have an auto lock, except they usually have to push together to get it to engage. Then the Yoyo is going to be 3rd place. Again, easy, but it’s still not as easy as the other 2. 2 buttons by the handle, you push those down, now, underneath like that. There’s just a button underneath there that you have to push and pull up. This one has a shoulder strap. The Nano also has a shoulder strap and they’re all very, very easy to carry. This one has a shoulder strap when you have it in the travel bag. That is that. They all have standing folds as well.
Now, [inaudible 00:07:06] strollers are all easy to do. I’m not going to give an award to any of them. There is the auto lock here on this one, you grab it, and you open the Yoyo like that. This one you unlock the side lock, you pick it up, that one’s easy like that. The other has a lock, the Nano also, in which you just grab it, and you open. All very, very easy to open. Now that we’ve talked about all the features, we have to talk about price because there is a big price difference with these 3 strollers. For the most budget friendly, the award goes to the Qbit for retailing at $179. Next would be the Mountain Buggy Nano, which retails for $199. The other end of the spectrum is the babies and Yoyo it retails for the frame for $399 and an additional $65, I think, for the canopy and the fabric. You’re talking about $465 for the Yoyo. This is a luxury stroller and it’s coming with a luxury price. All different kinds of prices on these 3 strollers.
That’s it. That should give you a good side by side view of which stroller is best for you. Is the basket important to you? Do you need to take an infant car seat? Maybe you want this most compact fold you can get or maybe you have big kids and you need the one with the biggest weight capacity. I don’t know, but I showed you all the different features. Now it’s in your hands to figure out which one is the best for you. If you want me to do another side by side comparison, just leave me a comment. Let me know what you want me to do next because these are fun. It helps people decide what’s best them. That’s it. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube so you don’t miss a thing and I’ll talk to you later. I’m Hollie from Baby Gizmo. Bye.



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