This Bugaboo Ant stroller will be your greatest travel companion when it is released this Fall!

The all new Bugaboo Ant will have an ultra compact fold and also have the lowest price of the Bugaboo line which is expected to be $499! The folded dimensions will be 21.6″L x 14.9″W x 9.1″H and only weigh 15.8lbs making it the go-to stroller for all the traveling parents!

This stroller will have an almost flat recline and an adjustable back giving it the ability to work for newborns up to 50lbs. It has a super easy one hand fold, extended sun canopy, adjustable handlebar, flip flop friendly brake and so much more!

The front wheel suspension gives a nice smooth ride for whatever surface you are traveling over, with an easily accessible large storage basket that can hold up to 18lbs of your go to items!

This is the Bugaboo Ant. Your greatest travel companion. Why? Because you can easily travel with it. It's our lightest stroller yet. Only 15.8 pounds. You can carry it or you take it to plane and control it, so just strolling like this going to the airport or wherever you want to go. And while you're traveling, don't forget there's so much luggage space in there, which is always accessible, so even when forward, take your bottles, take your diapers, take your anything that you need for your journey for you and your child, your family, you can easily take it out.

But it's not just a suitcase, come on, it's a stroller. One hand folding and unfolding, easily go like this. You hear the audible clicks to show you that you're doing your right job. And here you have it, the Bugaboo Ant.

So, just the little things I want to point out, you already see the extent of the sunroof, so that means for over the eyes, and open for evening then you strap open like this. You can also adjust the handlebar. Foot brake, adjust the handlebar so it fits, very unique, the only travel stroller that has an adjustable handlebar. And of course, room for support of child.

So there's two recline position in face forward, and there's more. Seat's up, sun canopy, peek in the window, mesh breathable window, breathable mesh so you can look at your child but also gives him extra breathability. When you're on holiday, when it's very warm, the comfort of the child is also reflected in the backbone. So the backbone really shows that it is supportive and hard by structure, and not by hammock-y fabric. But of course you are maybe going to suppose you want to face your child, and that's okay, you can easily go from facing forward to facing backwards.

Here, with facing parents, even go into full recline to make it suitable for newborn, or relax mode, or sit up straight. Again you see that the support is really making sure that the child's always supported fully.

But, I haven't talked about driving yet, but there is suspension in the front space. We put a lot of care and attention to the front wheel, so there is double layers of rubber, making sure that it actually simulates an old air tire effect for a smooth ride. So regardless where you are going on your traveling journey, always have a smooth ride. See, suspension in here. And there is suspension on the side, and the rear, there is suspension in there, making sure that even how much weight your child is going to always drive smooth.

And I think one of the things you'll notice here is that there is a very large easy to access luggage basket. In total you can take up to eighteen pounds of luggage with you. And then with garbage, you can keep it in there and take it with you and again, also in this position, you can easily fold it, on the button and then trolley mode is starting for your journey. Again, you see the rear luggage box where you can put a lot of excess in there, and something you can notice maybe there is the smile. Smile the integrated protection points with the full brake, integrated protection points allow you to always integrate the full front wheel or [inaudible 00:03:39]

Folds, adjustable seat, almost forgot to tell you this, you've got several heights with adjustable seats. Click, unlock, open, and you extend the sunroof.



HI, I’m Amy, owner of Strolleria and in this video I’ll show you the new Bugaboo Ant Stroller. The Bugaboo Ant will be available to order in June 2019 at where we offer free shipping, no sales tax and registry rewards. If you have question about the Bugaboo Ant email us at or leave a comment below. The Ant is the smallest in the Bugaboo Animal Kingdom of Strollers. It weighs less than 16 pounds and folds so compactly that it fits into the overhead bin on an airplane. Just like an ant, this stroller is tiny but tough. It has all wheel suspension built into the frame to give it a smooth ride and a sturdier seat and back rest than you’ll see on most travel strollers.

It has a weight limit of 50 pounds and it can hold all the gear you need for the trip in its large storage basket, which has an exterior pocket you even access once the stroller is folded. The Ant starts at 499 and will be available to order in June 2019 from The Ant is one of the only travel strollers with a reversible seat that allows the baby to face you when they’re younger or forward when they’re older. It has a lever that allows you to recline the seat with one hand and the seat reclines to a flat position for newborns. Other travel strollers don’t recline flat so they can’t be used until the baby is around six months. Plus, the Ant is one of the only travel strollers with a height adjustable handle bar for taller parents and a height adjustable seat for taller kids.

By pulling a tab on the back of the seat you can make the seat more compact for a small baby and taller for a toddler up to 50 pounds. To fold the stroller, push in the sides on the canopy until you hear a click on both sides. Push the seat down so it’s at its shortest height. Pull the lever on the back of the seat and push it forward until it fits into the frame. Disengage the lock on the side of the stroller then push the wheels in to collapse the frame. Finally, lower the handle bar until it locks in place. Now, the Ant is the size of a carryon. You can fold it with the seat facing either direction and you can trolley it like a suitcase when it’s folded.

The Ant is compatible with several car seats to make traveling with a baby a little bit easier. Using a car seat adapter sold separately, you can attach the Nuna Pipa Lite or Lite LX and select car seats from Maxi-Cosi or Cybex. At the time of this video, that adapter did not fit the Bugaboo Turtle or the Nuna Pipa car seat because of their width. We’ll update our website when more information is available. The Ant comes in dozens of color combinations that allow you to give your stroller a custom look. First, choose from an aluminum or black base. Then choose your style set, which includes the wheel caps, side panel, seat fabric and canopy. That’s it for our review of the Bugaboo Ant Stroller. The Bugaboo Ant will be available to order in June 2019 at, where we offer free shipping, no sales tax and registry rewards.

If you have questions about the Bugaboo Ant or need help finding the stroller that’s right for you, email us at or leave a comment below.

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