The 4moms Mamaroo4 is a groundbreaking new bouncer that will keep both parents and baby happy! This seat sways from side to side and bounces up and down, the motions of a parent when holding a baby. This is the ONLY infant seat that replicates the natural motions of parents. Your baby will feel right at home in this comfortable seat.

The seat weighs 14 lbs and can hold babies up to 25 lbs. The dimensions are 33″L x 19.5″W x 25.5, It can be adjusted to multiple recline positions, so it’s easy for your child to sit up and play or lie back to relax or nap. The adjustable 3-point harness will keep your baby secure as they grow.

There are overhead interactive toys which allow your baby to play and be entertained. There is also a unique combination of 25 different speeds and motions that will have your baby relaxed and happy. It can be easily slowed down for little newborn or you can speed it up for older children.

Without even being in the room parents can easily control the motion and sounds from your compatible smart device. The cool mesh seat will have your child comfortable and cool.

The Mamaroo4 starts at $219.99.


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