Bugaboo is a luxury brand they only make the best and the Bugaboo Fox is one of them. It is the stroller every parent want for their child. Beautiful leather, fine fabric, comfort, and practicality all mend together into one beautiful stroller.

The Fox is 23.6 inches wide and can accommodate children up to 48.5 lbs. Its size makes it sturdy enough to protect your child but light enough to protect mom and dad’s muscles as well. The fold is an easy self-standing fold at 25″ x 21″ x 7″. It also ultra-compact when folded to make it easy to store no matter the size of your home.

The Fox toddler seats are designed for your child’s comfort and safety. At 23 inches the toddler seat is higher up from the ground and is the perfect height to lift them in and out of the stroller. To make this stroller even better the seat doubles as a high chair when you are on the go. The seats are reversible and have a one hand reclinable seats so you have control of how you want your child to sit. There are three recline positions which range from a near flat position and a very upright position that allows your child to sit up and see everything that is going on around them!

The canopy’s fabric is water repellent and provides UPF 50+ so your child is protected no matter the weather. The canopy has three panels – the third one opens with a zipper and can cover your baby from head to toe, no matter the position. The canopy is machine washable and does not have a peekaboo mesh window.

This stroller drives as if it has power steering. Not only does it have advanced central-joint suspension it also has rear-wheel suspension. The stability of this stroller is unlike any other because of the all-wheel advanced suspension which absorbs every shock. The front wheel swivel with dimensions of  8.5″ and the rear wheel dimensions is 12″. The wheels are made out of forever air tires that can handle anything without risk of holes. It also features a two-wheel mode that is perfect for the beach!

The storage basket can hold up to 22 lbs and it is very easy to access. All of the necessities can fit in this storage basket with no problem! The handlebar is adjustable anywhere from 34.6″ to 42.5″ to fit any size parent.

The Bugaboo Fox starts at $1399.00.


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