The new Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon is the perfect ride-share stroller!

This new Pivot Xplore Wagon easily transforms from a stroller to a wagon with a simple flip of the handle! It gives parents the ability to either push the stroller or pull a wagon! It can hold 1-2 children ages 1-5!

Hey gang, it’s Nat from Twiniversity, and I am here at the JPMA Show in Orlando, and we are now with our friends from Evenflo. We looked at a bunch of stuff here, guys, go check out that place [inaudible 00:00:12] if you haven’t watched that yet, please do. But there’s something that’s a little bit of a game-changer in our area and we are literally are stopping the presses because you have to see it.

With summer coming up for us, don’t get too excited, because this product will be available in December of 2019, so you’re not going to have it for this season, but you’re going to have it for next year. So guys, this is the Pivot Xplore. Now, they have a lot of wagons on the market, and everybody says theirs is the best, but I think I may have actually found the best. Let’s see.

So here’s what I’m really, really, really excited about this. If we’re looking at this from where you are right now, it’s a typical wagon, I’m going to throw some kids in, everything’s going to be great. But come on in, and let me show you some fun features, okay?

So first of all, we have two independent seats if you look right here. And while it’s not a five-point harness, you’re not going to need a five-point harness because your puppies are already going to be on the bigger side. But it is going to have a three-point. So please make sure that you’re always putting your kids in safely, okay? So with the touch of a button here, which if I got it, there we go, I didn’t want to break it on them. But with one-touch access all my points are going to come off, and the kids could get out pretty easy.

Now look at this. Two padded seats, okay? You’re going to be outside, it’s nice, rugged material. We can wipe it down with a wipe, but wait, there’s more. Come on in. Guys, this is where I’m going to put the baby’s drivers license, and house keys, okay? So that’s going to fit in there.

And it’s going to come with a travel tray as well. So look, no fighting. I got two cup holders, I got two snack trays. So, they could get in with it, or we could put it on after that. But look at that footwell. Now here’s what excites me, and probably because I need to get out more, but if you look at this, it has a mesh line, which means if I’m going to the beach and there’s going to be a ton of sand, it’s not going to be in there forever, because I could just shake it out. Okay? So that is pretty exciting. I know, guys. Relax.

But wait, there’s more. So let’s just say I want to go out with one puppy. So let’s say I want to go out on the town. I want to do something with one kid, I can now convert this to almost like a single wagon. So if I flip this over. Wait, I got to put my little hood up here. But if I flip this piece over, which is a storage basket, typically, if I flip it on over, it could actually become a little storage area for whosever pushing me down the block to grandma’s house.

Right, but let’s go back to our twin configuration, with our outside basket. When we’re walking down the street, la la la la la. Notice our ginormous wheels. So they are made of a polyurethane, just plain old urethane, and so they’re going to be really great for more rugged terrain, so think beaches, think go off-roading. That’s going to be what you’re going to want to use. So you ready? We got a typical brake. Don’t get excited. Brake’s not that special.

But here’s what is so special, and why it’s great. So it’s called the Pivot Xplore. We’re going to go out exploring, and the Pivot already is … I’m already excited. But this is the piece that just knocked my socks off. So, with the touch of a handle … Let’s see if I can do it. I can. I did it without changing it, I’m sorry. So with the touch of a quick little adjustment, I now have … I’m able to pull it as a wagon. So, this probably should be down. I know Kelly’s going to get mad at me because I was supposed to put it lower, but she’s going to forgive me because I’m cute, and this dress is really sweet today.

So this is the way Kelly wants me to do it. So, this is a regular handle like this. Then we’re going to adjust it. Am I doing good, Kelly?


All right, good. And there we go. And so if I’m pulling uphill, if I’m going someplace that’s a little bit different. Look, I got my wagon. So guys, that is the Pivot Xplore available in December of 2019, from our good peeps at Evenflo. For more information, go check out their website. Make sure you’re following them on social, so you’re the first to know when it actually hits stores. I’m Nat from Twiniversity. See you later alligators.

Hi. My name’s Kelly, and I’m here with Evenflo and Albee Baby and I’m here to show the Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon. So, everything you see here on our stroller wagon comes for $349. So, it comes with a storage basket. It also folds in, flips inside out. So, if you’re only traveling with one child. It also connects on the front of the stroller as well.

You have your two canopies and they pop up. They also have SPF 50. You have your nice, large child tray for two children and both seats are weight rated for up to 55 lbs. And then, you can flip the handle by just adjusting here and now you’ve got a stroller, or now you’re in a wagon mode. So, this is great for uphill or at the beach. And then you can easily flip it back to wagon mode.

I’ll show you how it folds. So, you flip the basket in. You drop this lower part down, which is also great if children want to climb in on their own. The handle comes down and you just fold it up like this. So, it [self-scans 00:01:02] and it comes a little bit more compact, like this. You can roll it around. And then it easily opens by just hitting the button and pushing down on the handle, so then you’re back to your wagon.

And we also have a couple of accessories. So, you can also purchase a toddler seat separately. It’s $129. It has an adjustable footrest, it also reclines. And, it also comes with a child tray, a little snack tray, so you still have room for your two children.

And then, we also have … it also fits an infant car seat. So, just like the toddler seat, the car seat can face out or it can face parent-facing and you still have room for your two children.

Price was?

The whole wagon was $349, this is $129, and the car seat adapter is $50.

And when are you expected to ship it?

We are shipping end of the year, so it should be December.


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