As parents we want to keep our babies the safest we possibly can, that is why we want to choose the Maxi Cosi Mico Max Plus to protect them.

The car seat measures at  29.25” D x 17.5” W x 16” H and weighs 17.7 lb. It has also certified for use on airplanes so you can take this car seat on vacation with you!

Maxi Cosi knows that safety is the number one thing for parents when it comes to a car seat, and they keep that in mind.  The Air Protect technology provides side impact protection around the head and extends down the side so your child is protected in case the worst case scenario. The Mico Max Plus car seat has an anti-rotation stability leg limits back and forth movement for maximum head and neck protection. The 5-point adjustable safety harness will keep your baby secure and safe. If your baby is on the smaller size there is an Infant insert to ensure a proper fit for babies as small as 4 lb.

The seat is for infants and toddlers up to 32’ tall and can hold 4-30 lbs. It is rear facing only, there is a 3-position height adjustable base for proper installation to give the most comfort for your child.  It has a canopy that zips open for extended coverage and offers the most protection. The flip away buckle won’t get in the way while getting baby in and out of the seat which makes life easier. The handles on this car seat are specifically curved so parents can carry with ease. The best part of this car seat is the machine washable and dryer safe pad that is easily removed with no need to unthread/rethread the harness. The fabric itself is moisture-wicking premium fabrics. Babies make a mess and are now easier than ever to clean it up.

Mico Max Plus is compatible with over 50 premium strollers! No more wondering if you installed the car seat right because the Mico Max Plus has a red-to-green level indicator on the base of the car seat which provides visual confirmation of accurate installation. There is also an Integrated belt lock-off for easy and secure seat belt installation. 

The Mico Max Plus starts at $299.99!


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