Introducing the Nomi brand high chair, a new concept in high chair development. What makes the Nomi chair so different?

While other high chairs may work well for your baby or toddler, the child will eventually outgrow it. But not so with the Nomi chair. With a weight capacity of 330 pounds, the child will not outgrow this chair, it simply adjusts to the child. Even adults can use this chair, finding it comfortable and sturdy.

Even before the child can sit up on his own, the Nomi high chair is useful as it has a 0-6 month setting. From there, it converts to a high chair, then to a toddler/youth chair, and finally to a teenage/adult chair. 

In addition, the Nomi high chair differentiates itself from its competition by not having a tray. Why the absence of a tray? You see, trays, although functional, also serve to isolate, creating a barrier between the child and others. The Nomi high chair, on the other hand, because of the absence of a tray, can be pulled right up to the table. Thus the one in the chair can be with the other people around the table, and no isolation occurs.

The Nomi high chair is arguably the most cost effective high chair on the market today. That’s because, unlike other high chairs, the Nomi chair can be used for years and years. It will never get put in storage because the child outgrew it, and its sturdy construction ensures longevity.


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