Are you planning a baby shower or having your own? Well if you are then you will probably want to find the perfect shower invitations. The following twelve baby shower invitations are some of the best that you can find. They are cute and unique and some can be made on your own while others can be purchased with ease.

It’s About Time

If you are celebrating that it is about time to have your baby then one of the cutest invitations that I have seen are the DIY choice from Pottery Barn Kids. These adorable invites have a cute clock on the outside of a small box. It also has a small sand timer inside as well as a small circle of paper with all of the information. If you are interested in these you should check them out here (

Celebrate Your Baby to Come

Another adorable idea for a baby shower invitation is to include one of your sonogram pictures on the invitation itself. You can easily do this by scanning in the sonogram picture and adding it to the fun photo invites that you find. You can also make copies of your sonogram picture and slap invite labels on the back of them if you want your guests to have a normal size photograph to keep.

Have a Little Tea for Two

I look at blogs all day long. It is not that often that something really stands out to me. However when I think of the best invites to a baby shower I can’t help but think of the adorable handmade Tea for Two invites that I saw one time. The best thing is that you can easily make these yourself and they are not too time consuming. The tutorial is available here (

For the Love of Cloth

Cloth diapers are very popular at this time. There are so many different things that you can do with cloth diapers. One of the things that I have seen is that you can send your cloth diapers to the screen printed to have the invitation printed on them. If you do this then the diapers could be returned to the new mom to be to be recycled and used with the baby. I cloth diapered so I LOVE this idea and think that it would have been an adorable touch to my own shower.

Give Your Guests Another Reason to Come to Your Party with a Challenge

There are a ton of different types of things that you can do to challenge the guests that will be attendance at the shower. You can assign the guests a word as individuals or as a group that they can not say. Issue the word to them in the form of a challenge and entice them with a prize. This is something that is a ton of fun. It really encourages the guests to be in attendance and to be able to see one another.

Get Creative

There are so many things that you can do yourself to create beautiful DIY invitations. One of my favorites that I have seen are the adorable Ruffle Flower Invites that you can get instructions for here ( You can add centers to the flowers that are printed with all of the information for the shower.

She’s Going to Pop!

I will admit that I saw the most amazing baby shower invites of all time that were so much fun. These invites were creative and fun with a balloon that has been printed with the shower information on it. Your guests have to blow up the balloon in order to get all of the information for the shower. This is fun for your guests and the balloons can be printed to match any theme, all the while reminding guests that you are about ready to pop.

Show the Progress

Pregnancy is truly an amazing time your life. If you are like most moms then you have been snapping pictures from the beginning. Take the time to sit down and organize a few of your pictures that coordinate with big moments from your pregnancy (the first time that you heard the baby’s heartbeat, the first time that you felt the baby kick, and/or the date when you found out if your baby was a boy or a girl). Then on your invite you can introduce the pictures and add a picture for the shower at the week when the shower is planned for. This is a cute and unique idea that will help guests to feel as though they have been a part of your pregnancy all along.


All moms to be have cravings from time to time. If you have a small craving that can be mailed to your guests incorporate that craving into your invite. For instance if you have been craving pickles you can have your label printed and then put on a small jar of pickles. If you have been craving a particular type of candy then you can send it with your invite.

Building Blocks of Life

There are so many cute ideas for baby shower invitations out there. Recently I saw where someone had printed wood blocks to look like baby blocks with the shower invite on one side. I thought that this was creative and fun and great choice for any shower. It is cute and something that can be reused again in the future.

Lollipops are Classic

Nearly everyone loves a great lollipop. Another one of the great choices that you can find for invitations are large lollipops. You can have the invitations printed on stickers that you can put on the lollipop. This is a cute way to offer your guests a little treat, to make your invites, and to really have your invites remembered as something special.

Bring a Bottle of Baby Q

There are so many cute things that you can do with the new popular Baby Q theme. You can have labels printed with all of your invitation information on them. These can be printed to look like the labels that are on barbecue sauce bottles or BBQ seasoning bottles. This is a great way to do something different and send your guests something that they are going to be able to use.


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