Being born in 2015 was a risky year if you were hoping for a stellar name. Let’s face it some parents came up with unique names that were cute and left you thinking that you wish that you had been that creative. However others missed the mark and seemed to forget that they were naming a child and not the pet. For the parents who used these twelve names it seems that there was no filter on their creative hat and that they did not really care if their child was going to be able to survive grade school with their name or not.

1. Uri
[wp_ad_camp_2]I am not quite sure what parent thinks that it is a good idea to name their child the first three letters of a word like “urine” but some obviously thought that this idea was stellar. I get that it is supposed to have a great meaning and all but seriously what were you thinking mom and dad. One day your child is going to grow up and you are going to have to answer for yourself.

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