There are so many awesome ways that you can celebrate at a baby shower. One thing is for certain the guests are expecting some cake and these are some great options for you to have a creative and fun concept and a cake that they are sure to fall in love with. It is also a great way to express personal creativity and fun when you are shopping.

What Does the Fox Say?

It seems like in recent years it has become popular to choose a fox theme for baby showers. There are so many cute fox cakes out there that you can. I personally like the ones that incorporate chevron or other woodland themes. I think that these are fun and creative and unique which makes them one of my top choices for 2015.

Elphant Fun

I really love elephants and have noticed that so many nurseries are themed around these beautiful animals. Since this is one of the things that is often used all of the time in the nursery, it can actually translate into an adorable theme for the baby shower. The elephant theme is beautiful and one that can make some of the cutest cakes that are available.

Go Out of This World with Star Wars

Star Wars is a great theme for you to consider when you are going to be trying to have a unique baby shower. If you are planning a shower for the couple instead of just the mom this can be perfect. It can also be perfect for the mom that loves Star Wars. There are so many fun things that you can do with this theme and there can be amazing cakes to consider.

Olivia and The Babies

The Olivia book series is very popular right now. One of the titles in the series is Olivia and The Babies. This title is very popular and a baby shower can be built around this theme. One of the cutest baby shower cakes that I have seen in a long time was an Olivia themed cake which kind of shocks me because this is not one of my personal favorites for children’s book series.

I Mustache You If It’s a Boy or a Girl

Let’s face it, mustaches are the rage these days! They are so popular and something that everyone can enjoy. If you are a fan of mustaches and want to incorporate that into a shower theme then there are definitely some things that you can do to make sure that the party is great. One of the best things about this theme is that everything, including the cake, can be done in an elegant black and white style.

Eat Your Cake and Chevron Too

Chevron stripes are another HUGE trend right now. Seriously you can find chevron everywhere from home décor to clothing. It is also one of the main elements in many nursery themes. If the baby to be is going to be sharing a chevron themed room then one of the gorgeous chevron cake creations is going to be a perfect choice.

Dr Seuss Remains at the Top

Another trend with babies and kids is that Dr Seuss books are amazing. There are so many books that you can look to for inspirations. My personal favorite cake though incorporated a number of stories with a Dr Seuss look a like mom and dad pushing a baby in a small stroller on a path. The theme was based on All The Places You Will Go but incorporated tons of other books along the path. It was adorable, creative and so much fun for me personally as I am a HUGE Dr Seuss fan.

For the Cowboys

So many little boys are going to be brought home to a cowboy themed bedroom. If cowboy décor is in the baby’s future then there are amazing cowboy cakes that have been made. I love that each and every cake is different and something that is fun.

Look to the Sea

Another trendy thing that is going on lately is that there has been a lot of focus on nautical and sea themes. This can be a really trendy and fun choice for baby showers. It can also help you to be able to find the most amazing cake that is going to leave guests talking about it for years to come. I will admit that I did see one of the most adorable nautical themed baby shower cakes not to long ago and it has now become the first cake that I think of when I think of baby showers.

Babies Love Rock N Roll

So many parents are fans of music and specific bands. This means that you have a great opportunity to have a cake created that is going to focus strongly on the bands that the parents love the most. I saw the best baby shower cake that I have ever seen the other day. It looked like it had small vinyl records all the way around the tiers. In the middle of each tier there was a record whose label matched the baby shower with the information about the baby and parents. Then the other records were made to look like the actual records that were the parents favorites. This is honestly the coolest baby shower cake that I have ever seen.

Let’s Talk About the Birds and the Bees

If you have a good sense of humor and you want to do something that is really fun for the baby shower cake then why not pay some attention to the old line about the birds and the bees. This will allow for you to be able to really show you the beauty that is in nature with these two things. There are so many birds and bees themed cakes that you can have created that are perfect.

Switch It Up with a Dessert Bar

Dessert bars are so much fun for you to have at a baby shower. Finding a set color scheme is the first thing that you can do. This allows you to choose different small desserts and treats that can be made in the colors to fit your scheme. If you decide to have a small cake in the center that is fine but if you are not a big cake fan you can choose cake pops, push up trifles, rice crispy treats, and any other number of desserts that guests can enjoy instead of cake.

Cupcake Cake

Another huge trend is to have layers and tiers of cupcakes instead of having a cake. The thing that makes this so perfect is that you can have them created in a variety of flavors with fillings and other delicious options that you might not get with a cake. You can also indulge in a mom to be who can not decide between cake flavors by offering her cupcakes that include all of the flavors.

Skip the Frosting and Decorate with a Diaper Cake

Finally another huge trend in the baby shower world is that of diaper cakes. Instead of doing a number of other types of cakes there is one cake that is sure to be a hit with the mom to be. A diaper cake can be created in any theme, with any number of accessories that the mom can use, and with any type of diapers that the mom is going to actually want to use. Instead of just having a regular cake some of the best cakes that I have seen at showers in 2015 have been diaper cakes that are used as more than just decoration.


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