For years some of the most popular baby names have started with the letter “M.” These names are popular and something that is going to happen. Everyone is sure to appreciate the beauty in the “M” names for girls and the masculinity in the “M” names for boys.


Macy is one of the American names that means “the ocean.” This name has a lot of different versions and spellings. It is a name that is popular and one that is going to be continually rising on the charts.


Everyone will love the “M” name Madalynn. Madalynn is a French name that means “generous,” “kind,” “athletic,” “tough,” and “passionate.” The name is unique and something that is only going to be continually more popular.


Everyone seems to know at least one Mandy. This is one name that has topped out charts for a considerable number of years. This name means “harmony” and is a Spanish name.


Megan is another name that has been wildly popular for many years. Everyone knows at least a few Megans. This Greek name means “mighty, strong able, pearl” and is sure to be a name that you will see for a long time. There are no reasons to believe that this name is going to lose favor anytime soon.


The Latin name Mercedes is one of those names that you might not have heard a lot now, but are sure to hear a lot in the future. This name means “ransom, virgin Mary” and is a name that is very popular.


I have always had a favorite place for the name Morgan. Maybe it could just be that every single Morgan that I have known has perpetuated qualities that I would love to see in my own daughters. Morgan means “white sea, bright, dweller by the sea” and this Welsh name is very popular.


The Celtic name Maddox means “beneficial.” This is another name that is going to be increasingly popular. It is one of the best choices of a name for those who are looking for something fun and unique for their little boy.


If you look back through history at all of the greats who shared the name Malcolm, you will be able to instantly fall in love with this name. Malcolm means “royal blood” and is a very popular Scottish name that is sure to stay on top of the charts.


The French name Mason means “stoneworker” and is one of the most popular name choices in all of ht world. This name is popular in a wide range of places and is a name that you will be able to hold dear forever.


Montgomery is another “M” name that is French. This name means “mountain hunter” and is a name that is going to be popular for a long time. Parents who are searching for a cute name that has a lot of unique history are going to fall in love with this one.


Myles is another very popular name at this time. This is one name that is going to be popular for many years to come. There are many different spellings of the name Myles. Myles is a Greek name that means “inventor of the corn mill.”


The Hebrew name Michael means “who is like God.” This name is one that is going to be around for a long time. It has been continually popular for many generations and is sure to be popular into the future.


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