Finding popular names that start with the letter “U” can be tough. There are not a lot of “U” names out there. These names are more unique and are not always names that available.


The Celtic name Ula means “sea jewel, inherited estate.” The name is cute and unique without being too much. Ula is a popular name that is beautiful. It is one of those names that is going to be popular for many years to come.


Uma means “nation, mother, horse” and is a Hindu name. Uma is another one of those names that has been popular for a considerable amount of time. Uma is a popular choice that is going to be around for a long time.


I know that Ursula probably became popular after a special underwater set cartoon. Ursula is one of those names that is going to be around for a considerable amount of time. I don’t think that I would choose a name of a villin as the name for my own daughter but for those who do, this Latin name means “little bear.”


Uta is a name that means “fortunate maid of battle.” This name is German and it has been a very popular name throughout the world, even though it was not a popular name in the US. Uta is another name that is forever going to be a popular choice.


I have to admit that when doing research on popular girls’ names that started with the letter “U” that Uttara was one of the more surprising ones. I had not seen this name before. This name is now one of the more popular choices that start with “U.”


The name Uzma means “the best and the biggest.” This English name is another that you might not have heard before but is sure to be one that you are going to hear in the future.


The English name Unity very simply means “unity.” It is one of the most popular names that is topping charts today. It is a name that has been around for while and is sure to only become more popular in the near future.


Udo is a Teutonic name that means “one with great fortune” and “prosperous.” It is a name that is strong and unique at the same time. While it is different, it falls into that unique category where it reminds you of different names so it is sure to be popular for a while.


Ugo means “bright in mind and spirit” and is an Italian name. This name is one that is going to continue to be more popular as time goes on. It is a creative name that you are going to be able to appreciate.

Ulrich is a name that you would have heard a lot quite a few years ago. This name was once popular but had slipped and was not as popular for a few years. Today it is becoming increasingly more popular.


The Latin name Ulysses means “the hateful one, wounded, in the flight.” This name is one that used to be very popular but was not popular for a long time in between. Today it is quickly gaining popularity and becoming more popular again.


Thee name Ustin is a form of the popular name Justin. I like that the Ustin is a unique name but still so similar to common names. This name is English and has been climbing the chart to be one of the most popular “U” names.


The name Uzi is another that I would not personally have chosen. This name is a Hebrew name that means “my strength.” It is a name that is quickly becoming more popular.


The English name unwin means “unfriend.” I think that the meaning for this name is particularly interesting. It is one of those names that I have heard before but have not been particularly fond of. I will admit that over time it will grow on you which is why it is moving on up the charts of popularity.


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