Hindu names have long been a source of tension in the US. Sadly so many people have taken the wrong approach to cultural issues. The thing is that this is a great time for change in the US. So if you want to be a part of that change, why not choose one of these amazing Hindu names for your child.


Arpan is a beautiful Hindu name that means “offering.” This name is one of the more common names that can be heard in many countries around the world. It is also a great choice for you if you want a solid Hindu name with a strong meaning.


Every parent feels like their child is the light of their life. They love that something as simple as a smile from that child can really light up their day. Why not choose a name like Etash, which means “luminous” to show your child just how you feel about them.


Another Hindu name that means “light” is Ikshan. This name is a creative and fun choice for parents in the US. It has been around for centuries and is a very popular name in Hindu culture.


Mikul is the Hindu version of the popular name Michael. One of the things that I love about this name is that offers you a modern spin on a classic. The name Mikul means “comrade.”


Paras means “stone that turns into gold” and is a nice name to pick for your son. I really like the name Paras and think that it is a great choice for someone who wants a new name for their child. It is unique but still has many aspects of classics.


The name Tavish means “Heaven.” Every parent should want a name that has a strong connection and meaning for them for their child. This Hindu name is a nice strong name for your son and one that will give him a special meaning as well.


Xolani means “peace.” This name is one of the best choices for parents who are attempting to find a nice name for their sons. The name is cute and strong. It is a name that is so strong.


The name Basuri is one of the most popular Hindu names in the US. This name means “flute” and is a perfect choice for the parents who hope for a child that is musical. The name is a great feminine choice for your little lady.


Another Hindu name that is rising in popularity is the name Fiza. Fiza means “breeze” and is another one of those names that is strong and beautiful. So many people are leaning towards the beauty and uniqueness of Hindu names and this one is a great choice for anyone who is looking.


I think that Jia is an adorable name for a little girl. It means “woman of character” which sounds kind of funny when applying it to a newborn. However it is a great name that will give your child a beautiful destiny to fulfill if you believe in different types of names.


So many people look for a name that has a nice strong quality for a meaning. Nishka is the perfect name if that is what you are searching for. This name means “honest” so you can be certain that your daughter is going to have some type of quality in their life that reflects honesty.


There are so many cities named Quincy in the US that this is one of the most common Hindu names that is used for little girls. In fact you probably did not realize that Quincy actually means “like queen” or that it actually was a Hindu name. Most people think that it is a name that originated in the US.


The goddess Parvati has influenced the name Umika. The name is very sweet and one that you can come up with any number of nicknames for. It is a cute name that you are going to like about you.


Ziana is a bold name that means “bold.” This is one of the strongest names that you can find and one that you will find as a great choice for you. It is one of the perfect choices for a little girl.


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