There are so many current naming trends for 2015 but perhaps one of the most surprising is the new trend for people throughout the US to be looking at names that have primarily been used in the South. Now this does not mean that these names are not going to stay popular in the South because it is very likely that they are. It really just means that these fourteen names are likely to be heard throughout the entire US now.


The name Mason actually comes from the English surname that means “stoneworker.” However I think that many times in the south Mason is actually a family name or someone could be naming their child after the southern favorite, the mason jar. I really like this name and am sure that it is going to continue to become more popular.


The name Michael is one that has been around for centuries and is very common in the US. This name is actually common throughout the US but it is a favorite in the south. Michael means “who is like God?” but many believe that this name has such strong biblical connections that make it ever popular.


The name William is one that used to be very popular but it seemed to really fade almost to nonexistence. Today it is becoming more popular. The name has variations with different meanings the two most common being “will, desire” and “helmet, protection.”


The name Jacob is a very popular name that has been popular for many years. This name is especially popular in the South and is one of the best names in the south. Jacob means “holder of the heel.”


Christopher is a very popular name and is one of the most popular choices in the south. In fact it has often been the number one boys name in the south. Christopher is a nice strong name with biblical ties as well. The name actually means “bearing Christ,” so it seems to be very popular with those who are religious.


Jackson is definitely my favorite name from the South. The name was originally a surname meaning “son of Jack” but today it has become one of the most popular first names. Many people relate this name to popular songs and with the town of Jackson Mississippi which is considered to be one of the hearts of the south.


I think that Landon is the most modern name that is known for being a popular name in the south. This name is definitely not the most common name on the list but it is still a great name that many people enjoy. I really like this name as well since it is more modern. The name actually comes from an English word meaning “long hill.”


One of the most common names for little girls in the south is Savannah. Savannah is one of the most popular towns in the south and has been the town where many historical events have taken place. The name actually comes from the English word for a large grassy plain. The name is beautiful and one that you are going to be able to enjoy for years to come.


The name Emma has been on the rise throughout the US in the past few years. This name is one that is very popular in the south but it seems that the rest of the US is catching up. Emma actually means “universal” or “whole.”


Addison is one of the names that has been increasing in popularity over the past few years. The name has become one of the most commonly heard names in the south. It is becoming more common throughout the rest of the US as well. Addison comes from the surname that is the same and means “son of Adam.”


You have probably heard the name Sophia quite a bit as well. Once considered a name that you would only hear in the south, this name is being heard quite a bit in recent years and is going to be heard even more in 2015. Sophia means “wisdom” and was originally a Greek name before it was in the south.


The name Anna is a name that stems from The Bible. The name has been very popular throughout the south because of its connection to those who have strong religious beliefs. It is another name that you might have been hearing more in recent years and is one that I see no reason for a decline in popularity.


Caroline is the best name for your daughter if you are hoping to have a nice solid name. There is a long list of related names that you can enjoy. Caroline is one of the most popular names in the south and is one that is going to continue to be popular in the future. In fact you can speculate that the name is going to be more popular in the future.


Layla is a cute name and one that has been really popular in recent years. This name “night” and has originated as an Arabic name. While it is more popular everywhere it is the most popular in the south and is one of the top names given to little girls in that region.


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