Waldorf toys are typically wooden, organic and eco-friendly toys that were started back in 1919 when the Waldorf Schools were first originated and began offering children toys made of natural materials. These toys allow children to develop their sensory experiences during early childhood.

These toys are made from natural materials and colors and are lovingly handcrafted. By giving children toys that are beautiful to hold you are teaching them that sight is as important as touch. A child is more likely to feel closeness to a handcrafted toy and take care of it over a plastic toy.

Rudolf Steiner, who is the founder of Waldorf education suggested that children’s toys should be simple, open-ended and without a lot of detail. By giving children toys that are not fully detailed they can easily become multiple things and it allows the child’s imagination to have total control.

Some of the top places to find Waldorf dolls and toys are Bella Luna, Woodly, Oompa, and a few others online.

When it comes to choosing toys there are no good toys or bad toys, instead its more about being more selective when choosing. Simply ask yourself if what you are selecting feel and look good? Does it allow the use of imagination? If does then you are choosing a great toy that allows your child everything they need for play!


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