As you may have noticed, ZOE has launched a new version of their super lightweight and now SUPER popular single (XL1) and double (XL2) strollers. The company is only 6 months or so old as of the time of this article and they have ALREADY taken all of the feedback from their customers and hit the drawing board and produced an improved and updated version of their strollers. Even better, they actually LOWERED the prices on some models and kept the price the same on others while included the improved features! Wow!

So the biggest question right now is: what’s the difference between the two new, updated models, the BEST and DELUXE. Here’s the quick, summarized answer.

The BEST is the same as the old BEST minus the wheels caps, harness strap covers, and the travel sleeve being included (which can still be added separately). The BEST is now $20 less on ZOE’s website which is awesome. When asked, ZOE said that most customers LOVE the colored wheel caps and harness straps and the travel sleeve, but others didn’t want to pay extra money for those to be included, even at the bundled discount. So ZOE listened and found a solution for everyone which was to make them optional and still discounted if you add them.

The travel sleeve was also one of those accessories that most people love and want, but some people didn’t need and wished they could save a few dollars by not getting it as part of the bundle. So again, ZOE separated it and offers it as an add-on optional item at a discount.

ZOE will also be launching the all-new DELUXE Travel Backpack for their XL1 and XL2 strollers. More details to come on these, but they are SO cool. We got a peak at them yesterday. In summary, they turn the ZOE XL1 and Xl2 stroller into a backpack that securely and comfortably goes on your back just like a backpack. Imagine that! Genius!

The all-new DELUXE version of the XL1 and XL2 has 3 features that make it the “DELUXE” that the “BEST” does not have, hence the slight price and weight difference:

1. A HUGE HUGE HUGE, 4-Panel extendable canopy. The BEST has a HUGE 3-Panel extendable canopy, but the DELUXE’s canopy is HUGE HUGE HUGE! x2 on the XL2!
2. The DELUXE comes with a colored, removable super comfy seat pad/pillow for each seat. The XL1 and Xl2 are already known for being super comfy compared to other lightweight strollers in their class, but this extra seat pad makes the seat incredibly soft and comfortable!
3. Lastly, the DELUXE has removable, colored harness pads that are a great way to give your stroller a little pop of color and also in-line with the idea of the “DELUXE” these pads provide your child with even more comfort!

So, in our opinion you should TOTALLY upgrade to the DELUXE if it’s not going to break the bank in your family! It’s amazing that ZOE has been able to incorporate so many of the high-end features you find in really expensive full-size luxury strollers while keeping their prices very low comparatively speaking and their weights EXTREMELY low compared to other strollers with the same features. WOW!


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