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Our Review:

Hey guys, it’s Rob from Chit Chat Baby and I am just going to do a quick review of the all-new ZOE Trip stroller. Before I get started, make sure to check the links below. One will take you to a giveaway for a new ZOE Trip. Super easy to enter. And also we have a 10% off coupon code that’s exclusive to If you click the link below, it’ll take you to both of those.

So I’m super excited about the new Trip stroller. There’s a few details in the stroller. One is obvious with the T-bar, but a few other little details that are not as obvious that are just awesome improvements for the ZOE stroller lineup. So in general, what you have here is the ZOE XLC, the frame of it, but a much, much improved version.

So the first thing that’s really obvious here is the T-bar, right? So that is pretty obvious what it can be used for. It is a guard rail for your child when they’re in the seat, but also it can serve as a handle so that you can roll the stroller behind you just like you would a small briefcase or small carry-on piece of luggage. Super cool. Awesome feature. And I love the way they designed it with the leather wrapped handle with the handlebar itself and then also the actual T-bar.

The improved fabrics, it’s almost like a heathered pastel fabric and color palette that they went with, which is super cool. I love all of these colors. You have the light blue here, black, navy, green, and like a super awesome soft pink. So really, really cool. Great choices on those.

Probably the feature that I’m most excited about on the new ZOE Trip stroller is the ball bearing wheels. So if you don’t already know, when it comes to most strollers, they just have like a pen axle that goes in with washers. And that is perfectly fine. 99% of the time people are perfectly happy with it. But with super high-end strollers they have ball bearing wheels. So literally you could like take the stroller, spin the wheel, and it just keeps going and going and going. And boy is there a huge difference when you are pushing a stroller with ball bearing wheels versus non-ball bearing wheels. So a this new ZOE Trip stroller has ball bearing wheels. And I was expecting when I heard that for that price to be like 350 or 400, maybe even higher. Because all of the other strollers that are lightweight and compact like the ZOE Trip but have ball bearing wheels, you know the ones I’m talking about, they are $500 or more.

So the fact that it stayed at $225, has ball bearing, leather wrapped handles, all this new premium fabric, complete SPF protection inside of the canopy, it folds as compactly as it does, is off the charts in terms of value. We’re going to be doing a giveaway. We’re also going to be doing a fully featured review just going over all the different details of the ZOE Trip in the next few days. So definitely stay tuned for that and don’t forget to check out the coupon code below and also the giveaway link below in the description. Thanks guys.

SAVE 10% on ZOE! Get Your Coupon Code Below:


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