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As you may have heard, ZOE Strollers is about to launch their v3 series of products! We have a full review coming for the XL1 BEST v3 that will detail the entire stroller, but here’s a sneak peek to whet your appetite in the meantime!

When learning about the new XL1 BEST v3, naturally our first question was: What’s the difference between the v3 vs v2. Here’s what we’ve learned so far.

The ZOE XL1 BEST v3 will have upgraded maneuverability, full UPF 50+ canopy sun protection, an adjustable footrest, support for infants from birth with it’s new full extended flat recline, and a new trip-secret feature that ZOE promises will be revolutionary (but they wouldn’t even tell US about it!).

As mentioned, we will have a full review of the XL1 v3 soon. We are super excited to get our hands on one and share videos on our YouTube Channel and pics on our Instagram. This stroller constantly already receives accolades for being the top lightweight stroller on the market in it’s current v2 model and I have no doubt the v3 will continue that legacy!


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