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How wide is the ZOE XL2 Double Stroller?

The ZOE XL2 double stroller is 29 inches wide. This allows is to fit through standard doorways. Standard doorways are somewhat of a relative term and surprisingly are not a standard width themselves. You have standard American residential doorways, standard commercial doorways, standard European doorways, etc. The good news is that the American standard residential doorway is narrower than almost all the rest. So, a ZOE double stroller should fit through practically all standard doorways except that random stone age doorway you encounter in medieval Europe. ha! But I don’t think any double stroller is getting through that one!

How do you fold the ZOE XL2 Stroller?

To fold the ZOE XL2 double stroller, reach into the bottom of each of the stroller’s seats. You’ll find a small black handle in each seat under the fabric flap with a lock symbol sewn onto it. Jerk up on both handles at the same time to engage the fold. Lastly, the stroller will automatically lock in the folded position on the side once it’s broken in, but at first you may have to give it a gentle squeeze.


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