As you may have heard, ZOE is launching two new awesome single strollers this Fall! They are both super lightweight stroller, both fold very compact, have optional travel backpack travel bags, can fit on airplanes, have optional double carry straps (so cool), will both be priced at $179.99, and many more similarities. So what’s the difference!?

The big difference can be summed up in the targeted parent for which each stroller was designed!

In general, if you are a super duper traveller or looking to find the very best travel stroller that will fit in virtually every overhead compartment on airplanes in the overhead compartment, the ZOE XLC BEST v2 is the stroller for you. The XLC is amazing in that it has many, if not more, high end comfort features than a full sized expensive stroller, but the folded footprint is super tiny and in the same class as the GB Pockit and BabyZen YoYo. These strollers have been know as the super compact strollers that can fit in overhead compartments. The XLC is also smaller when folded than some other “compact” popular strollers like the Baby Jogger City Tour, Recaro Easylife, and GB Qbit Plus, while having many of the same features, if not more. The XLC also comes with many included accessories that are not included and can be quite pricey with the other strollers.

Now, let’s generally speak of the XL1 BEST v2. If you travel some or a decent amount and want a FANTASTIC travel stroller, but your main use will be daily popping in and out of school, the mall, grocery store, etc… then the XL1 BEST v2 is the right stroller for you! The XL1 has an insane amount of included features and accessories for it’s size and weight! It is more in the size class of the GB Qbit Plus and Mountain Buggy Nano. It can actually technically fit in more overhead compartments on airplanes than both of these other strollers, yet has a bigger canopy, is lighter weight, comes with cup holders, a belly bar, snack cup, etc not to mention the optional backpack and double carry straps.

So both the XLC and XL1 are phenomenal travel strollers and both are designed to be everyday strollers when not traveling, BUT the XLC is tilted more towards the traveller with it’s more compact frame and the XL1 is tilted more towards the every day on-the-go parent with it’s full-size frame and loaded features and accessories.

Soon we’ll have a full comparison chart here once ZOE releases all of the technical details of each stroller, but for now we can discuss a few points (top to bottom) on the strollers to explore some of the differences.

Features ZOE XLC BEST v2 ZOE XL1 BEST v2
Weight 10 lbs 12 lbs
Frame Size Compact Full Size
Folded Size Super Compact Very Compact
One Hand Fold Yes Yes
Adjustable Leg Rest Yes No


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